Pet loss, regardless of the cause, is a tragic and life changing event. Pet lovers that have recently lost a pet are commonly overwhelmed and often times haven't thought about how to memorialize their pet.

The bonds that we create with our pets are deep and when we experience the loss of a pet we want to create an everlasting memorial that pays tribute to and honors to the beloved pet. Many pet lovers find that cremation is the ideal way to memorialize a lost pet. When a family chooses to have their pet cremated they have the opportunity to keep the pet's ashes in the home in a decorative urn or scatter some of your pet's ashes in a place where you shared special memories with your pet.


The Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee have been helping pet lovers memorialize their pets through cremation for close to a century. The compassionate staff at the Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee can assist pet lovers with arrangements for both private and communal cremations.

All private cremation services are preformed individually and the ashes are returned to the pet parent in a decorative metal container with a signed and dated certificate of cremation.  For pet lovers that want to have a private cremation with a viewing are welcomed by appointment at the Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee in Westhampton.

Pet lovers also have the option of cremating their pet in a communal cremation. Communal cremations are cremations that include multiple animals. With a communal cremation the pet's ashes are not returned to the owner after cremation. All ashes from communal cremations are removed to a certified facility as required by state law. 

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