The Dog Film Festival - Opening Night Pooch Party benefiting Bideawee

Friday, October 2, 2015 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Manhattan
New York NY

On Friday, October 2nd, 2015, the Festival will kick off with a premiere cocktail gala Pooch Party at a posh New York location where dogs will be welcomed by photographers on a red carpet. There will be entertainment and education including sketch artists, animal psychics, NYPD officers with their K-9 partners, dog portraitists, acupuncture demonstrations, and advice from dog trainers, veterinarians, and groomers – served up along with canine-themed beverages for the people and specialty snacks for the canines. Guests will leave with doggy swag bags containing products worth at least the price of admission, which is $50, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting our very own, Bideawee.

Learn more and purchase tickets to the Pooch Party.

The Dog Film Festival takes place on Saturday, October 3rd, and will be a celebration of the remarkable bond between dogs and their people, it will be a dynamic ongoing platform that provides unqiue experiences for celebrating the joy of sharing stories about the relationships between dogs and people.

The Festival will take place in the luxurious 765 seat theatre at Peter Norton Symphony Space on the Upper West side of New York City and offer a series of two hour groupings of films — an eclectic mix of documentary, live-action, and animation — from filmmakers around the world who have made dogs the center of their movies. Ranging from little-known historical short films to newly-minted ones featuring dogs, each two-hour show period will have a melange of film-making from 3 minutes up to 50 minutes, with the films mixed and matched to create a shared audience experience of joy, wonder, sadness and amusement about our canine friends.

Learn more by visiting the Dog Film Festival website.