Feline Bill of Rights


1. Every cat deserves to be treated always with respect, compassion and concern for his/her quality of life.

2. Every cat deserves a clean living environment. Litter boxes should be scooped several times a day and the box must be dumped and cleaned thoroughly at least every other day.

3. Every cat deserves access to appropriate hiding areas and perches.

4. All cats need to maintain their familiar scents in their living environments. Their bedding should accompany them when they move to a different location and should only be discarded when it is dirty.

5. All cats deserve to interact with other cats in a real life environment and should be provided that opportunity daily, unless the cat does not like other cats. Single cats deserve opportunities to spend all day in offices with staff at least once a week, especially if they seem depressed, anxious, scared or if they have been at Bideawee for a long time.

6. All kittens deserve to be socialized frequently with people and, when medically cleared, with other felines.

7. All cats deserve play time with interactive toys at least twice a day for 10 minutes. Appropriate toys such as scratching posts, mice, soft toys, etc., should be in their living environments at all times.

8. Every cat deserves to be handled, petted, brushed, or groomed daily and have their nails clipped at minimum once a month to ensure continued sociability and to decrease stress.

9. Every cat deserves to be fed nutritious, appropriately portioned food and clean water every day. Overfeeding can result in medical difficulties.

10. All cats MUST NEVER be screamed at, treated roughly in any way, or scared when doing routine tasks such as cleaning, closing cages, or vacuuming.

11. All exhibiting symptoms of feline breakdown, MUST ALWAYS be reported immediately to the BAW behaviorist/trainer.

12. Soothing, soft music should be played at a low level in all areas where cats reside to reduce stress.

13. Every cat deserves to receive a thorough exam on intake, to be spay/neutered and microchipped, and to receive the necessary medical, preventive and health maintenance care of the highest veterinary standard.

14. Every cat deserves to be advertised for adoption so that we can find a permanent adoptive home quickly. We must do everything possible to see that each cat is adopted within 10 days of arrival and stays no more than 60 days at Bideawee.