Get Involved

Almost 8 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Many of these animals are euthanized due to a lack of space and resources to care for them. For more than 114 years, Bideawee has been rescuing animals in need and providing them with shelter, care, love, and permanent homes, but we cannot do it alone. Your support means everything to us, and the animals that rely on us for their continued care. Thank you for joining in our efforts to end the needless suffering of our animal companions, and to ensure the happy and healthy futures they so deserve.  

Get Celebrating

Celebrate your special day by making a difference in the lives of animals in need. Ask your friends and family to show their love to you by donating to a cause that’s near and dear to your heart.

Get Sharing

Share momentous occasions with the dogs and cats that have already provided you with a lifetime of unconditional love. In lieu of presents, ask your loved ones to make a donation to the animals who are still waiting for their true love to come along.

Get Active

Get Active for Animals! Work up a sweat for Bideawee’s homeless animals! Whether you’re a walker, runner, biker, swimmer, or someone in need of a little extra incentive to get moving, consider challenging yourself to get active for animals! Ask your friends to sponsor your efforts, and help you and Bideawee’s four-legged friends in the process.

Get Creative

If you're thinking about ways that you can donate your time and talents to a good cause, consider lending a helping hand to dogs and cats in need of life-saving care.  You can sell your crafts, hold a bake sale, plan a pot luck party, organize a concert, sell your artwork-- the sky is really the limit!  You can donate proceeds or a percentage of proceeds to the animals at Bideawee that are awaiting their forever homes and guarantee that everyone's purchase is that much sweeter. 

Get Tributing

Has your life been forever changed by the love of a dog or cat? If you would like to pay tribute to your beloved companion, and help other pets in the process, create a tribute campaign.

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