Since its inception, Bideawee has understood the critical link between veterinary medical care and the development of happy, healthy and well adjusted pets. Soon after its founding in 1903, Bideawee began the practice of providing medical care for resident and private client pets. As veterinary medicine has progressed, the veterinary capabilities and facilities at the Animal Hospitals at Bideawee have evolved and are tailored to meet the changing needs of pets.

The staff at the Animal Hospitals at Bideawee adheres to a practice of individualized consultative care and works with each client to determine the best course of care for their companion animal that fits within the boundaries of the individual pet/human relationship and lifestyle. The Animal Hospitals at Bideawee are accredited by the New York State Veterinary Medical Society and provide expert veterinary care spanning annual vaccinations and check-ups to complex surgeries for private clients and resident animals in the Manhattan and Westhampton facilities.


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