Welcome to Bideawee’s “Veterans Pet Project.”  We work along with VetsAdoptPets.org to thank and celebrate veterans for their service to all Americans.  As a show of our appreciation to all veterans, we provide a fee waiver for the adoption of adult pets, along with other discounts.  Veteran needs to show proof of military status and meet our adoption requirements.

Over the past year, Bideawee has been raising donations from the community to offer free pet adoptions to military veterans, as well as discounts from our other pet services.  We know the unwavering love and loyalty companion animals bring to their families can be especially important to military veterans.
Veterans Pet Project benefits include –
Adoption Centers at Bideawee
Adoption fee waived on any dog or cat 6 months or older. All adoption requirements must be met.

Animal Hospitals at Bideawee
First veterinary exam free and 20% off all veterinary exam fees thereafter. Exam fee only.  Cannot be used on products or any other services.

Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee
20% discount on all PMP products, burials and cremations.

Pet Therapy Training
20% off Pet Therapy Training Class Fee.  Dog must pass Pet Therapy Screening.

In order to receive discount, you must present your Military Service Record at time of transaction.

If you would like to donate to this program for our veterans, click here.

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