Rose arrived at Bideawee yesterday and I can't even begin to imagine the frightening and cruel road she took to get here.

At two years of age, this tiny, extremely underweight Yorkie-mix has massive burns from her belly to her hind legs. Having arrived as a stray at a municipal shelter, Rose was covered in horribly matted fur and was severely dehydrated and starving. Once the matts were cautiously removed, the horrors she's endured became even more apparent. She was suffering from second degree burns that undoubtedly stem from being caged in quarters so tiny she had no choice but to urinate and defecate on herself. Given her condition, she was obviously rarely fed and definitely not ever cleaned or groomed. Rose's burns were likely caused by sitting in her own excrement over a prolonged period while the uric acid literally penetrated her mats and ate through her skin. This little girl has most likely never walked on grass, been held, cuddled or even given the most basic care that you and I take for granted.

How can anyone be so cruel? And how can she still be so sweet and trusting of humans? We can't explain it. It defies all common sense, but we know that with your help, she will get the medical care, nutrition, socialization and love she's been waiting for all her life.

Rose desperately needs your help today. Won't you please consider extending your generosity and your compassion to support the extended care she needs to heal her burns and, of course, heal her heart today? A gift of $20 or more would greatly help Bideawee continue to provide the expert veterinary care for Rose and others like her.

We can only imagine what other horrors this pup lived through, but we do know for sure she's happy to be at Bideawee. It's as if she knows she is getting the second chance she always deserved. And while she was initially afraid to eat the food we offered her, with a lot of gentle coaxing and kind words, she already trusts us enough to go to her food bowl and eat every last bit like it was her first meal ever.

Please Help Rose and Others Like Her Today. Your most generous gift is so greatly appreciated by all of us entrusted with the job of healing these broken, innocent dogs and cats that are victims of severe abuse and neglect.