This may be her last chance! Sam needs your help now to get the very intricate surgery she needs to save her eyesight.

This sweet shepherd-mix, Sam, came to Bideawee from a municipal shelter with teary, inflamed and itchy eyes. While that doesn’t sound too bad, the real culprit was yet to be discovered. When Sam arrived, Bideawee immediately treated her eyes for infection but day after day her condition never improved. Try as we might, nothing worked. Our team then referred her to an ophthalmology specialist who diagnosed Sam with Keratoconjuctivitis Sicca, which means she has a tear gland disorder that mimics pink eye, but results in insufficient tear production and a dry cornea.

Right now, Sam is getting her eyes rinsed 3 times a day accompanied by eye drops, ointment and pain medication, but you see, Sam is going to need your help right away because her case is not responding to medical management. Sam’s problem is so severe that her eyes remain painful and diseased despite the use of medication and artificial tears. In order to alleviate her discomfort and prevent her losing her eyesight or worse, rupturing her eyeball, a surgical procedure known as a parotid duct transposition is needed now. Believe it or not this intricate procedure involves taking the gland that makes saliva and relocating it from her mouth into a pocket below the eye. Strange as it sounds, her eyes will now be lubricated with saliva instead of tears!

And Sam needs this surgery desperately. She needs you. You see, now that Sam is safe at Bideawee she will get whatever treatment is necessary to help control her pain and maximize her quality of life. But... we need your help to continue to provide dogs like Sam the extensive and expensive treatment they need.

Won’t you donate $20 or more today to help Sam get the Salivary Gland surgery that will ensure her eyes are saved and she is free from pain? Bideawee saved her from the municipal shelter and now she needs you to save her from this disease.

Please help Sam and others like her with your compassionate gift today.