Imagine for a moment that you were driving on a deserted highway and came upon what looked like the lifeless body of "man's best friend"-left for dead in the middle of the road? The scenario is heart-wrenching, but now imagine that upon further examination (you're an animal lover so you can't help but look) you discover that this wounded animal responds to you by lifting its head and letting out an anguished cry?

This is exactly what happened when a good samaritan and her daughter came upon the body of 13-week-old Spaniel mix, Sammy.

We will never know exactly how Sammy wound up alone and on a desolate highway, but we're guessing he was hit by a car while searching for food and shelter. Had these kind individuals not stopped their car and approached him, Sammy's young life would probably have ended right then.

As it is, Sammy will have a significant road to recovery ahead of him. This sweet boy has multiple fractures of both hips, as well as a break in his left femur. Because of the nature of his injuries, there is a strong possibility that he could become lame even before he reaches adulthood. The veterinarians at the Animal Hospitals at Bideawee believe that his best chance for a normal, pain-free life involves a surgical procedure called a femoral head ostectomy, a surgery which should prevent arthritis or debilitating joint pain later in life.

Sammy's care is extensive and costly, but much like Sammy's rescuers' decision to stop driving and help, we too would never consider any other course of action. Sammy is just 13-weeks-old; he literally has his whole life ahead of him, and we know that with your help, we can give him the life he deserves. Please donate $20 or more to help us get Sammy the surgery he needs. Your compassion and generosity literally help Sammy and so many other abandoned and discarded animals who rely on Bideawee for lifesaving care.

Sammy's search for food and a warm bed nearly cost him his life. With your help, we can show him that he can have those things and so much more: he can experience care; companionship and the joys of being a treasured pet.