Help a Pet in Need and Become a Bideawee Sponsor Today


By joining Bideawee’s ‘Sponsor a Pet Program’ for $15 a month or more, you are providing needy, extended-stay pets with both the medical and emotional care they so desperately need. You are giving them a chance at hope and a healthy life for however long they are with us.  Please click on any of the images below to get to know each of the pets in the program.


Often people ask us, "What happens to the dogs and cats at Bideawee that don't get adopted?" 

The answer is very simple - they live with us until a forever home is found. Bideawee is their sanctuary. They live in our offices, in our Animal Hospitals and in our Pet Memorial Parks as part of the Bideawee Family. They are cared for by the very best veterinarians, volunteers and adoption staff and they have the security of a loving, lifelong home here at Bideawee. 

But as much as we love them, the reality of this solution is expensive. So we need your help to care for these pets month after month and year after year. Many of them require extra medical care, special diets, daily medications and training, which is made possible with sponsors like you.

These pets deserve a new beginning, a chance to be placed into forever, loving homes best suited to their special needs, but before that can happen (and if it doesn’t happen), we are charged with the very important task of caring for these incredible dogs and cats. Perhaps one will touch your heart enough to generously contribute a monthly donation to help support the work of Bideawee. 

When you become a sponsor you will receive:

  • A color photograph of your pet
  • A Bideawee car magnet
  • Quarterly updates on our sponsor pets
  • Sponsor Tee ($25 and over)

*Please know that in order to make sure that your gift has the greatest impact, it will be used wherever it is needed most.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  Contact 866.262.8133 or email if you have any questions.