Foster Heroes


Since Bideawee launched the Todd B. Richter Foster Care Program in 2017, we have placed 768 vulnerable animals that would have been at risk in a shelter environment in safe, loving foster homes.

Bideawee provides the food, supplies, and medical care for every animal in our foster program and your support makes that possible.

As we continue to adjust our operations in order to help the animals that need us while ensuring the safety of our staff and community, our foster program will be more critical than ever. Since Mid-March we have placed more than 50 dogs and cats in foster homes and as calls about animals that have been abandoned, neglected, or lost their family due to illness or financial struggles continue to come in, we expect those numbers to keep growing.

Help us continue to open our doors to dogs and cats in need, continue to celebrate and share the special connection between people and animals, and continue our lifesaving work long after this pandemic has past. Be a hero for a vulnerable animal today.

Amelia and Foster Parent, Sarah
Amelia has settled in really well in her new home environment. Although she still gets a little nervous sometimes, she has really started to come out of her shell and her goofy personality is coming out! She's such a sweet girl, all she wants is a few good walks and some cuddles in a home that's preferably quiet and relaxed.

Amelia has been a real comfort to me lately as I'm currently in my apartment by myself and she's definitely kept me company and also has kept me in a routine which has made the social distancing on my own much easier. She's been great at making me laugh and keeping me positive during such a weird and worrying time.

I've loved having Amelia and it’s been very fulfilling to watch her make so much progress.


Nena and Foster Parent, Jacqueline
I am in NYC without my family so having a fur-companion especially during these pressing times has been the best gift I could have.

Nena and I have a deal where no matter how busy or sleepy we get, we still have hug breaks, which is super comforting and awesome in the current environment. She will just lay her head on my chest and it melts my heart. Nena’s quirky smile and tongue are just the cutest!

I’m happy to report that Nena has gained a decent amount of weight since coming to stay with me, which was something she struggled with at the shelter. We have worked hard on this and it’s very rewarding to see her health improve!

Nena has brought so much happiness and comfort to my heart. While I was trying to give back a little, Nena has given me more than I will ever be able to give back.

Uma Purrman and The Shepherd Foster Family
Uma has been such a joy during this strange time. The kids are out of school and I’m home from work so she has had many loving arms to snuggle with her. She has offered welcome distraction from all that is going on with COVID19 and also in our home.

We said goodbye to our 16 year old cat Puppet just a few weeks ago. He was one of 4 cats we acquired on my path to and through vet school and we adored him (we had him since he was 9 days old)! As you can imagine, our family needed Uma :)

Koala and Foster Parent, Rachel
Koala is a 5 month old loving goofball who brings me so much comfort and happiness during this uncertain time. While I am always a little nervous to take on the responsibilities of bringing a foster dog into my home, my anxieties quickly fade once the adventures begin.

Every morning Koala and I wake up and go on a walk through Washington Square Park. Watching her chase the squirrels and birds, climb on the benches, and greet the other passing pups is the best way to start my day. Although she is a little on the shy side, she has already opened up to me completely in such a short period of time. My heart melts every time she gently jumps up to give me a quick kiss or places her head in my lap to say hello. Koala has given me a reason to go for a walk 4 or 5 times a day, which is as beneficial to my emotional and physical health as it is to hers. I honestly didn't realize how much her trust, love, and companionship would ease my anxieties.

Nicka and Foster Parent, Isaree
Nicka is a sweet and independent girl who initially took a while to get used to her new home. She has moments when she wants to be left alone, but now she usually likes sitting near humans and will sometimes follow people around and asking for pats. She loves looking out the windows and kneading her soft blankets.

Nicka has been such a comfort to me during this crisis. It’s been so stressful with the massive changes to our everyday lives, but sitting with Nicka on my lap, petting her and listening to her purrs always seems to relax me. She's a constant reminder that there's a lot of good in this world, despite these challenging times.

Spunky and Foster Parent, Desirae
Fostering Spunky has given me a renewed zeal to get out of bed and get my day started, even though I have nowhere to go. Getting up to feed him, take him to potty, and do behavior sessions has kept me on a regular schedule and given me the structure I’ve needed to maintain an ounce of sanity during lockdown.

Spunky makes me excited to wake up because I know he will be waiting to release his morning zoomies and give me kisses the moment my feet touch the ground. No one is ever that excited to see me wake up!

My whole family admits that Spunky has filled our home with so much life during this time and they, too, are grateful.

Mr. Sunshine and Foster Parent, Theresa
Fostering Mr. Sunshine was a joy. I decided to foster because I wanted to help an animal as well as myself. I don't know who was happier, him or me. It was such a joy to know that I helped Mr. Sunshine feel comfortable in a warm and loving home after he was feeling nervous and shy in the shelter.

In these devastating times, Mr. Sunshine brought a light to the day. While I only had him a few days, it was bittersweet to let him go. He was a great cat and a wonderful companion.

I would definitely recommend fostering to anyone who wants to give a pet like Mr. Sunshine a little love while they await their adoption.

Triana and Foster Parent, Karin
I volunteer at Bideawee in Westhampton and when they put out the call for fosters because of Covid-19, I didn't want Triana left alone. All her kitty friends had been adopted. She is hilarious and has brought sunshine and humor to every day of this difficult time. It is hard not to be weighed down by all the news...and then she will jump up and drop a grey mousie from her mouth, make a chirp, and wait, impatiently, for me to throw it. Fetch is her favorite game! She is very active and curious but also loves snuggles, curling up in my lap, and belly rubs to some good music. She's been such a great companion during this difficult time.

Eliza and Foster Parent, Angela
Eliza came to us a very scared dog who didn’t like to be touched and wouldn’t leave her crate. I would have to physically take her out when it was time to eat or go for a walk. Since her arrival she has changed so much and is now a very sweet and affectionate girl!

Eliza has been a great source of comfort to us during this time. Everyone has changed their routine and is practicing safe distancing, all of which has been very stressful, yet Eliza knows nothing about any of that! She still wants to play, be loved, and have fun, all of which has added a lot of joy to us each and every day. Even though our lives have become smaller and more contained, her life is growing!

This experience has been wonderful for us, and it's been so rewarding to see Eliza thrive because of all of the love and attention we give her!