Kind words from our supporters


Thank you for opening your heart and home to foster Pirate. Your love and kindness to not give up hope on him and  treating his rare condition does not go unnoticed. We are praying for a miracle for Pirate.
I am so sorry to learn about Pirate.  Pre Covid, volunteering at Bideawee Westhampton, I helped care for a Basset Hound, Hunter, who had been mistreated and came in with little fur and severely irritated skin. He wasn’t even able to go outside at first.  I am a five time Basset owner and having recently lost one to lymphoma I was happy just sitting quietly with him on the floor.  It was all he wanted, just to be petted and in turn he comforted me.  What you are doing for Pirate is hard but I’m sure he is benefiting greatly from your love and caring.  Best wishes for a miracle.
Thank you for showing Pirate what love feels like. You’ve given that feeling to many animals and humans before and we are all so grateful to you. Keeping fighting, Pirate!
Please know we are thinking about you, praying, and trying to figure out someone at NC State’s vet school who might have the right experience to help your pup.  It never hurts to ask.

We lost our rescued pug 2 yrs ago.  He had been in great shape, when he fell ill.  Our vet found an inoperable tumor under his left eye.  The decision was to put him to sleep.  It was awful, but I agreed with the vet, a wonderful dr.  I couldn’t stand seeing the little pug starting to have pain.

Please know we are with you in spirit.  I wish I could make it better. Let us know if we can send any treats. RL

Thank you so much to the foster parents and the medical team looking out for Pirate. You say he needs a miracle to survive, and he might get one! I’ve heard of more than one case where that happened, so please don’t give up. Worst case, his miracle is that he has people around who care about and love him dearly, so he doesn’t have to face the end alone. Together, you give him a chance to fight, a chance to survive. A chance to know love. I know giving you best will be enough for his little heart. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.
I believein the power of love and prayer.  You get both from me.  I wil fervently pray for Pirate and send my intentions out into the Universe for the beautiful Pirate to get better. Thank you for loving and caring for this beauty. God and the Universe bless you, yours, and the absolutely gorgeous Pirate. May blessings abound.

Love and Prayers,

Joan Reale

We are thinking of you and your sweet pup! So very sorry you are going through this. We adopted our puppy in December and feel for your struggle. 

Sending all the best, 

Elizabeth & Mark

Pirate is so obviously being cared for by two angels. There r not enough words to thank u for the love u have given this precious pup. I pray the outcome is a great one but if for any reason it isn’t it’s clear that Pirate has been loved, cuddled and felt joy. Thank u for really doing Gods work!
My prayers are with pirate for a healthy future. 

And my thanks to all the wonderful people contributing to her recovery. THANK YOU

One of the things I value most highly about Bideawee, one of the things that has kept me volunteering there for so many years, is the value placed on every single life, no matter how challenged in health or challenging in behavior. This high level of empathy and willingness to care creates hope, and Pirate has certainly been the beneficiary of this. In so many ways the luck of the draw has not worked out very well for him, but at the same time he has received so much care and love that in some ways he has been pretty lucky after all. I appreciate so much what all of you have done for him.
you are strong, pirate ! thinking of you and praying you can recover. bideawee has the strongest pups in town 💙
Me and my wife Qiqi adopted Captain the same time Pirate was still in the NYC BIDEAWEE location. We were so heartbroken pirate had one eye and my wife tried to get her relatives to adopt pirate however her relatives are allergic to dogs. Thank you so much for being so kind to pirate and doing so much to help him he was really a sweet dog. Prayers for you.
Me and my wife Qiqi adopted Captain the same time Pirate was still in the NYC BIDEAWEE location. We were so heartbroken pirate had one eye and my wife tried to get her relatives to adopt pirate however her relatives are allergic to dogs. Thank you so much for being so kind to pirate and doing so much to help him he was really a sweet dog. Prayers for you.
To the foster parents & medical team, Thank you for your unconditional & extraordinary love for furry friends like Pirate. Each of you help make it possible for second chances.  Whatever the outcome for Pirate, he’s been shown compassion & top level care since being rescued. Peace & love to all of you! 

The Alva Family

Thank you so much for taking care of Pirate! He is a handsome dog and you are doing the best you can 💕 all of you and Pirate are in my thoughts and prayers.
Please be assured that my prayers are with you. God hears prayers and cares for you and your little one, no matter the outcome. Remember all the love and care that you have brought into Pirate’s life, and be at peace. Consider how fortunate, for that, he has been. You have done your best, and Pirate is mindful of that. Hope springs eternal, so never say “never”; go on believing and hoping, and good (which comes in many forms) will unfold in ways that may surprise you!
God bless you for your great kindness and compassion!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Pirate.

Thinking of you. Thank you for all you have done. Praying that things work out.

Nancy G

Wishing the best for Pirate. Looks like such a sweet pup!
Thank you for hanging in there and bravo for your brave adoption. You can do this!
I’m sorry for what is happening to Pirate.  The love u show him right now is all that is important? Animals are special souls sent here to teach us unconditional love. He loves you as much as u love him. He couldn’t be in a better place than with you. All my love to all of you. Kathy
Praying for Pirate’s speedy recovery.  Sending hope and good thoughts to the three of you.

Gs Bless you all!

Thank you so much to all of you for taking care of sweet creatures like Pirate! It breaks my heart to hear about his story and I truly hope that a miracle will happen. My thoughts are with all of you and Pirate. Thanks again!
My heart is for all animals! I take care of  feral cats every other day. My heart bleeds for all animals miss treated I wish I could do more!! Many prayers for all mistreated animals and pray they go to jail !!!
I think you are so wonderful for taking care of Pirate. He is as lucky to have you and you are to have him! God bless.
Thoughts and prayers going out to you both and pirate. The world needs more wonderful foster parents like you. Thank you for everything you’re doing. Pirate is so lucky to be so loved!!
Dear Nathan and Alfredo and the Bideawee Team,

There are no words to say Thank YOU enough for loving and caring so much for Pirate.

He lived his short but full life surrounded by people that adored him to pieces because of you.

You made it possible for this sweet boy to know what it feels to be loved.

Bon Voyage, Pirate and we are sure to meet again. 

Until then, may your new world be

full of happiness, toys, treats galore, endless petting, soft beds and beautiful parks for you to

run free, safe and healthy.

With love forever…

God Bless You.  Hope Pirate will make it.
We love seeing the photos and videos of Pirate so happy and comfortable in his foster home! He always seems so full of joy! We are praying that all of your hard work to help him pays off and his body starts to heal.
I am in awe of those people who, like yourselves, can give of their time so freely to help the most defenceless and neglected in our society. Please accept my profound thanks ands appreciation for all that you do.
Sending love & a heartfelt Thank You to Nathan , Alfredo & all the wonderful & caring fosters, volunteers-esp my sister Wendy 🙂 ,medical teams & staff  Your care & support for these dear animals is the greatest form of love You all are changing the world for the better one animal at a time Special love going to Pirate & his foster parents Nathan & Alfredo You two are giving Pirate a chance & the will to go on  Get Well Pirate there is so much for you to fight for We need you to get better Love, Barbara & (my adopted rescue) Jenna
Dear Family–

I wish in prayer for a miracle for Pirate and for you. Bless you a thousand times for helping him. Any human being who shows such kindness as you are, and have, in these days of such terrible unkindness, deserves a helping hand from those who have the power that we don’t. I am thinking of all of you and hope with all my heart that a great thing happens and this poor one can live.

You are the best examples of us; would every other person on the planet might follow your example.

With sincere caring, 

Debra Wells

Thank you so much for your loving care of Pirate. My sweet dog Bear adopted from Bideawee and I send love and hope for the best possible outcome. You are all angels walking the earth caring for this precious life. xo
To Nathan, Alfredo and the support and medical team caring for Pirate — thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving Pirate like you do. I’m so sorry he and you are going through this pain. There are no words to make it better but please know that your care and love matters — to sweet Pirate, to me, and to so many you’ve inspired. Will keep you all in my ❤️
Thank you for giving Pirate such a wonderful home of love and care!  I hope he will be able to enjoy a comfortable life!   Pirate, I hope you will get well soon!

I’ve never fostered or tried to cure a sick dog, but I can imagine that it can be heartbreaking. Thing is, though, it’s heartbreaking for you, but Pirate is probably happier than he’s ever been. He has people who love him and are giving him the best life possible. What a lucky dog, and what kind, caring people you are. The more people like you in the world, the better. Life is about happiness but also heartbreak, so to have the happy bits, like when Pirate wags his tail or gives you a lick, unfortunately we have to take the sad bits. But he is blessed to have you. Enjoy him, and thanks

You are doing God’s work by helping the least of us, specifically young Pirate. I will say prayers for you as Foster parents and for him and if he doesn’t make it please know that you provided a loving home, and that is priceless. God bless all of you.
Dear Nathan and Alfredo and the Bideawee team, 

I’m so very sorry to hear that Pirate is going through such challenging medical issues; as a pet parent and aunt to two dogs, I understand how difficult and emotionally draining it is to see your beloved pet go through an illness — and I’m familiar with that devastating and heart crushing feeling of hopelessness and sadness. As you go through this time, please know that you are all in my thoughts and I pray that Pirate can beat the odds and beat his illness. I’m sure he knows how very much he is loved by you. With healing energy and love, Fatima

I am so sorry to hear of Pirate’s problems. I know as a long-time pet owner and lover of all animals,

how difficult it is to watch a beloved pet suffer. I’m sure everything possible will be done for him. My

cat, Patrick, was a Bideawee rescue more than 10 years ago. He had serious medical issues and it took months for him to recover. He would not have made it but for the medical staff at Bideawee. The didn’t give up when initial treatments didn’t work. They kept trying until a successful treatment was found. I wish a similar outcome for Pirate. He knows you love him and he loves you, too.

All of our loving hugs and prayers for your pup’s safe and quick recovery. We are anticipating delivery of a pup next month and your story is chilling.
Wishing Pirate and his caregivers well.
Dear “Pirate” team,

To all of you who have played a role in helping this little dog – thank you.  Your actions do not go unnoticed or unappreciated, even if I don’t know you.  You’re the best kind of people there are.

I wish Pirate a full recovery and full life.  But if that isn’t to be, just know that your actions are not in vein.  You’re helping a precious little dog live a deserving, happy life no matter how long that may be.  He’s living the good life thanks to you!

Thank you for all you do, and give Pirate a kiss from me.

So sad to hear about Pirate. Heart-breaking.

Hope they find something to heal him.

Sending hope and love.


Thank you for opening your home and your heart to Pirate.  They love us unconditionally and it seems there is never enough we can do to return that love.  I’ve been there myself and when they’re sick we are sick.  The best advice I can give is to appreciate every moment and take each day as it comes. Opening our hearts means opening ourselves up too and it’s a risk we take, but well worth it to bring them whatever joy we can.  You have given that beautiful gift to Pirate.  Always remember that.  My heart and thoughts are with you. Hugs, Colt and Stallion’s mom
Hola Nathan y Alfredo,

I just want to send you a heartfelt message of solidarity and support. I have been following your adventure with Pirate through Bideawee social media and it has been so heartwarming to see you as a family. You are so generous and wonderful, and Pirate has been so lucky to have you.

And to the medical and care team,

Thank you so much to all for your kindness, for what you do to help Pirate and to make the world a much better place. By helping Pirate you are helping us all to be better persons. 

I hope that Pirate can feel better soon. Waiting for the miracle 💙

My prayers are with the amazing team that is working tirelessly to change Pirate’s fate. As long as there is life, there is hope. Stay strong Pirate, my prayers are with you and your Team!
My prayers to Pirate and his fosters Nathan and Alfredo.  I’m so happy that you all found eachother and I find peace that Pirate looks happy and loved.  A dog in the home, in the family is such a gift, the power that they have, my goodness!  I look at these photos of Pirate and I’m melting, what would happen to me in his presence?  Sending our love and prayers to protect this family and give Pirate the strength to heal, we need him and his adorable self to make this world a better place!


Cathy, Ben and Shelby

Hi, I want to thank you for your wonderful work in fostering Pirate.

i know how difficult it can be to see the pups and kitties at Bideawee having a hard time. It can be heartbreaking when things do not go as we hoped. You have helped him so much by giving him a loving home and family. Thank you for being there for him!

Much love and respect.

My heart goes out to you and Pirate.  Prayers can sometimes do what money can’t.  I believe that quality of life is the primary concern for our animals.  If it reaches the point where Pirate’s quality of life is more about struggle and pain, please have the strength to let him go peacefully.  We can only do so much for our beloved pets and making this decision is painful, but compassionate if there is no alternative.  In that, we can find peace.
You both are HERO’S!

Have you tried to take him to ACC thru the emgerency room.

With 100 specialists maybe there is  a chance they have seen his condition before and can help.

God Bless you for taking such good care of this sweet dog.

You are doing a fabulous job giving tender loving care to Pirate.  Love is a very powerful thing and can give endless comfort, and help to heal.  I’m sure Pirate really appreciates your care, and loves you very much.
I’m so sorry to hear about your Pirate’s suffering and I hope a treatment will be found.  Its so hard to see your innocent pet suffer.
Dear ones,

Visualize St. Francis holding Pirate. And pray that he sends his healing into the body of this sweet dog. Visualize a pale golden light radiating from St. Francis and see it absorbed by Pirate and know he is being  healed. Always remember to say thank you  

for the healing.

Love and blessings

Thank you for loving, caring for, and praying for Pirate. My dad had a patch on one eye, so whenever I see this little guy, I reassure him one eye works just fine. I noticed his skin was raw the last time I saw him. He is a precious being and I am praying myself for a treatment that will restore him to the fresh, energetic, curious guy he was when I first met him. Pirate, you’re in good hands. 



Praying for you Pirate 🙏
God be with you and the little guy.  I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for all your hard and kind work.
Dear ones,

Please pray to St. Francis for his help in creating the miracle needed for Pirate. Visualize him holding Pirate and having his hands radiate healing energy through out the body of this sweet dog.  Know that St. Francis is there to help and heal. Always remember to say t

With love and blessings

You’re all heroes for rescuing, fostering and vetting this beautiful dog. The veterinarian staff who try their best to save these animals are the unsung heroes we all forget about. My prayers are with you for a miracle to save the life of pirate who’s been through more than enough in his short life time. Please don’t give up. You have to focus on every life you save… no matter how hard it was to save it, never give up. You may not be able to save the world but for every one that you do save, it means the world. I hope you’re exhausting all resources in the best possible vet care there is. ❤️🙏
We are praying for Pirate and sending strength to his foster family.  Hoping for better times ahead
There are no words that could be as wonderful as the task of love that you all do with Pirate, but I will try. I think you are special human beings and I’m forever grateful for what you do. You count with my undying support from across the world and I hope all my good wishes and strengh finds you and Pirate for the best outcome possible.  If Pirate needs a miracle let’s pray for one. Science comes so far but then there’s God and love, and I’m sure of that Pirate knows a lot, a lot. Eternal thank you!
Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity towards Pirate. Ever since first seeing pictures of him on Instagram we fell in love with his playful personality. He very much resembles our dog we adopted from the Bideawee almost 4 years ago! Thank you for the good work you are doing and give Pirate some extra snuggle as he is healing. We are praying for a miracle!!
To the Foster Parents caring for Pirate – know that I am with you in spirit and I am praying for all of you because I KNOW this cannot be easy!

To the Veterinary team caring for Pirate,

It has been a Herculean effort I am sure but Pirate knows you will continue to fight for the baby!  I will pray for strength for all of you, just know Pirate knows you are desperately trying and my hat’s off to all of you!!

It truly takes a village and I pray God will spare this innocent baby from anymore pain and suffering and perform a miracle instead 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Sending all the white light I can find. Thank you🥻🥻all for not giving up.


sending much love to you and your giving heart💙
Pirate is so fortunate to have people such as yourselves, as well as those on the medical staff and volunteers, who love him unconditionally and I’m sure Pirate knows how much he is loved and cared about by so many people.

Pirate — fight hard, little one.

Thank you for all the love and work you are putting in, this puppy is having an amazing time being loved by you. He will never forget you.
i have always loved animals and wish i could do more like save all of them. so i have prayers for this little soul and the angels who take care of him with tears in my eyes for a happy ending.
You are doing God’s work; may there be stars in your crown.
Sending Pirate, his lovely foster family, and all the wonderful members of the Bideawee team so much love!! Thank you for doing everything you can to improve the lives of our precious animal friends. In Pirate’s short life, he has experienced so much love, peace, and happiness all thanks to you.
I’m so sorry to learn of dear Pirate’s illness issues, that’s just awful.  Our pets are our part of our lives and when they’re sick and can’t tell us what’s hurting it’s doubly worse.   Please know I’m praying for a miracle for both Pirate and you.  As a monthly Bidawee supporter, though I now live in FL, not Long Island anymore, I’m happy to still be able to contribute to their wonderful work.   

 Paw hugs, Tricia

Dear Team Pirate.

Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help this dear pup! I believe that it is through the kindness and care we show to other living creatures that we manifest our humanity. You are doing all that and more. Pirate knows how much you are working on his behalf, and I hope that this note helps in some small way to convey his gratitude and love.

With sincere thanks,

Carrie Luft

Many thanks to  the medical team working to help Pirate and many many thanks to Pirate’s foster parents. To be a foster parent or parents take special people. And if I was near by rather than in Colorado I would offer to pup sit for a couple of days and to give you a big hug. I am putting Pirate, his foster parents and the medical team on my prayer list. God loves all animals and wants to see the best for our pets. I hope you will keep us updated on Pirate.

God Bless you all and God Bless you Pirate,

Sylvia Scott

My heart goes out to Pirate and his foster parents. It’s NEVER easy not knowing what’s going on with your pup and how long you may have with them. I pray for a miracle for Pirate! Never give up hope and enjoy the time you have with him.  Shower him with love and comfort. Hopefully something will come through that’s positive  and helpful for him.  

My very best to Pirate and thank you Foster parents for being brave good hearted souls!


Thank-you for your love and devotion to Pirate.Praying that Our God and Saviour wull provide a miracle!!!!Tell him I willsee him at The Rainbow Bridge.. Glenn
Sending so much love to Pirate and all of the wonderful humans who’ve been doing their best to make this all better!!
What a cutie you are Pirate.  Hang in there.  We are all pulling for you.
Sending lots of prayers and virtual hugs for Pirate and his foster parents. Pirate is so lucky to have both of you, as well as Bideawee to help him through this very difficult time in his dear little life. You are all very brave.



God bless each and every one of you for all you are doing for this poor dog.  With so much hatred and meanness in the world it does my heart good to hear that you are all working so hard to save Pirate.  I will be praying for Pirate.
May your sweet pooch bring you joy even in difficult times. Thoughts and pooch prayers are with you all.


Keep the faith and stay positive.  I am an 11 year old survivor of heart surgery undertaken when I was a wee pup.  My humans have also recently adopted a backyard cat who was seriously ill but, thanks to veterinary care and lots of TLC, he is making it.  My humans are people of faith and are praying to St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, for Pirate.
Pirate, your young life has had far too many difficulties for a sweet, gentle puppy —which  your pictures demonstrate that you obviously are.  I hope, and will each day, that things take a major turn and that you find peace and the opportunity to be simply a healthy, happy boy.  

You are certainly a lucky boy to have so many people working and rooting for you.  Your foster parents must love you very much.  Who wouldn’t?  I am so glad that you have so much love surrounding you.  

I will think about you every day.  Peace, sweet boy.

I am praying so hard for Pirate. He looks so sweet. He deserves to have lots of love and I hope deep down that he will be given more loving years. You are all doing so much to help him. Please give him hugs and kisses from me.
Just wanted to say how much we appreciate everything you are doing for Pirate (and all the others).

It takes special people to do what you do, and must be very heartbreaking at times. 

I know we couldn’t do it.

Please continue your caring and know that the animals you do care for also love, depend and appreciate you too!


Diane and Tom Hogan

Thank you for all your amazing care, love, help, support and incredibly tough work you are doing to help Pirate! Your work doesn’t go unnoticed and all you’ve been giving and doing so much for him and it is amazing. You’re good people and matter what the outcome is, you’ve given Pirate a lot and a better life and most importantly the love  and support he needed. Best wishes to Pirate and to everyone working for him. Thank you!
Pirate!  You’ve got this.  We know it’s been a tough road for you but stay strong and know so many people and pups are rooting for you.  You’re loved and have a special place in so many hearts.  Thanks to your loving and patient foster and bidawee for doing such amazing and hard work!
Thank you for taking care of this precious baby. He looks sssoooo happy.  We will continue to send love and support to him and you also.  He can make it!!!!!  ep
Sweet Pirate and sweet foster parents,

I’m sending you all the strength and love to support you during these tough time. I’m hoping something will work out and take your pain away. 

You’re lucky to have found each other and I hope your love and the great care you’re receiving will make a difference.

Lots of love and puppy cuddles from myself and my own little angel, Butters. Stay strong!

If heartfelt determination could make it so, I give you all my heart and all my determination.  If Pirate’s universe is buoyed by such intent, then hope has every reason for success.
Sending love and prayers to Pirate and his family and thanks to all those who have been involved in his care.  🙏💕🙏
Pirate’s life with you is a gift to you both.  As long as he is happy, it’s worth every moment.  I’m very sad that he will not have the long, happy ending you hope for, but however long he does have, consider him lucky to be with you and you lucky to be loved by him.
Keep strong, sweet Pirate & crew! 🏴‍☠️
I am praying for Pirate’s recovery. Thank goodness for places like Bidawee.
Thank you so much for caring for this precious being!
Thank you all who have participated in trying to save Pirate. It hurts the heart and please know that I will pray for the best possible outcome. You are extraordinary people. Sending hugs to all of you and of course Pirate.
Having been in the same situation, I know you are going through one of the most difficult times ever.

Keep giving Pirate your love 24/7.  Hold him or sit next to him and put your hands on him softly.

He will feel your love.


Please give him a little extra love from my husband and me.

I have recited the wonderful Psalm 20 fot Pirate and for you splendid people…may Heaven heal poor Pirate and bless you for your marvelous kindness and courage!!
Sending you lots of love and hugs and dog kisses – Matt & Oliver 🐕
If prayers and loving thoughts can heal Pirate will make it and have the beautiful forever life he ,so deserve!

May the love and kindness you show him help Pirate through the difficult days  ahead..

Much love and kisses are sent your way.

May God  bless you all.

Please know that your care for pirate has made a difference. His life has been comforting and cared for even though his prognosis isn’t what you’ve Al hoped for. That doesn’t take away from all the love and joy he has felt. It matters. You’ve given so much already, but he needs you even more now. All the hugs and kisses and hope matter to him and help him feel so much love and improve his quality of life. Sending love, joy, and peace 💕
Thank you ALL for what you do for the many many creatures coming through your door. Often a joy I am sure to safe them and provide shelter, love and food and what heartache it must be to be faced which such a medical puzzle! Has anyone consulted a Homeopathic Vet? often they have more holistic solutions which the body can tolerate better?

Wishing you All the patience and strength you need and the wisdom to do what needs to be done!

Much love with appreciation for the love and care you All give!


Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to help Pirate!
Nathan and Alfredo,

The time you’re putting into this wonderful ball of joy is unmatched, and you can see it in his eye that he knows what you’re doing for him. Thank you for extending your home and your hearts for a creature who now, thanks to you two, only knows love. Keeping all three of you in my heart <3. Love from Ohio, US. 


bless you for your work and loving care.  i pray for a miracle!
Thank you for your commitment & compassion. You are in my prayers & thoughts and my fervent hope is that you find the right treatment in time to save Pirate’s life.
Nathan and Alfredo, your kindness, caring and value for life is shining very brightly!  Please do not give up hope knowing that what is meant to be will be, but sometimes the power of suggestion and the strength of belief will be enough to get “Pirate” through this ordeal. Blessings….
We met Pirate when we adopted our girl, Pebbles and I’ve loved following him on IG. I’m sending Pirate all my love and you too. I hope you’re finding strength and comfort from everyone. Thank you for being foster parents, you are angels and Bideawee is such a wonderful place.
Thank you for giving Pirate medical care and love. Every dog deserves to know kindness. You are heroes.
Dear Pirate’s Caregivers,

Thank you so much for all the care that you’ve given Pirate. It warms my heart to know he has a safe, loving home. I cannot express how sorry I am for what you are going through. You are incredible for giving him such a safe, loving environment and I know he’s forever grateful. I am praying for Pirate’s recovery. Sending so much love and positive thoughts his way.


Jordan & Linen (kitten adopted from Bideawee)

The love and care you are providing to brave pirate is an inspiration.  While miracles do not happen everyday I’m hoping for one for team pirate.  Take care!
I hope Pirate makes it! Sending love and prayers.
To Pirate’s foster family and Bideawee care team,

I just wanted to say you are doing an amazing job caring for Pirate and going to such great lengths for him. I have been following Pirate’s story, and it is so moving to hear how incredibly loved and cared for he is. I have had a dog with a complicated illness and know how challenging and heartbreaking it can all be, and just want to say again how amazing it is that Pirate has you to love him and help him. Hang in there, I know so many people including myself are thinking of you all and sending prayers and wishes for his full recovery.

Thank you too the entire team and foster parents for everything you do. It DOES make a difference. To give Pirate a loving home away from a lonely place was the best gift imaginable that I wish all dogs had a chance like this. Because of your hard work, there are stories like mine where the two dogs from Bideawee had forever changed my life for the past 12 years. The love they encourage me to give to others and the patience they teach me has been more than any degree or any church. Thank you again and please never give up!
Hello from upstate NY!

Hi pirate, we love you and haven’t even met you so you must be a really special one! We will be sending you and and your family all of the puppy prayers.


Thank you for caring for Pirate. Sending prayers and hugs.
You guys are a blessing.  All of you staff,doctors and volunteers work hard to give these animals some hope in a cruel world.  Pirate is one example.  I hope and pray you are able to save him, but regardless I know you are doing your best.  God bless you all for your hard work and kindness.
Thank you for giving so many animals, including Pirate, all of the love they deserve. Every time you share an animal’s story, you’re touching the hearts of all of us, reminding me to hug my own rescue tight, and share as much as I can to help more. Pirate is lucky Bideawee found him.
So sweet, so cute, and so obviously loved.  We will hope for her recovery and long life.
thank you for all you’re doing! i can’t imagine how you and pirate are feeling, but i do know pirate is feeling your love and care. wishing you all the best and health your way ❤️
I’ve been following Pirate on Bideawee’s Instagram and have always been a fan of his! I’m not sure if it’s his charming little smile or his apt name, but he caught my attention. Thank you for doing everything you can to make his journey as loving and comfortable as possible!!! We’re rooting for you Pirate!!! ❤️🏴‍☠️
Wishing you and Pirate – love and strength during this difficult time. ❤️❤️❤️
You caregivers are amazing. Thank you for all you do!
Thank you for all of the love and dedication you are giving this beautiful boy!   No matter what the eventual outcome, none of your efforts will have been wasted.  Hoping to hear good news soon! 🙏🏻
I have tears running down my face as I write this. Precious Pirate—my heart is breaking for you. I’m so sorry for everything you’re going through. From the depths of my being, I wish you health. This can be an unfair and cruel world we live in. But among all of the cruelty are these sweet little creatures called dogs, and incredible, incredible people like you, the foster parents and Bideawee, who dedicate their lives to helping these animals. It’s knowing there are people like you in the world and dogs in the world, that keep me going and give me hope. Truly. Thank you for all that you do.
Dear Bidawee, you have the toughest job known to man. You must see the cruelty and disinterest of man for sentient beings who surround us. You do an amazing job, but every now and then it feels undoable. Pirate believes in you and so do all of your supporters. What do you need to take the next step in care?  Do you need an out of house specialist? If so, do not demur!  We will make it happen all of life is collaborative. Let us know!
Thank you for all that you do at bideawee! I rescued my baby about a year ago and truly see the wonderful work you all do. Pirate is so lucky to have an amazing support team surrounding him ❤️
I met and fell in love with Pirate when he first arrived at PAWS. From day one the Bideawee team took great care of him and then he went to the BEST foster home. Thank you for loving and taking care of him. No matter the outcome, Pirate knew love and was given the best life possible because of such caring and dedicated people.  You make all of the difference. Thank you.
Dear Nathan & Alfredo,

Thank you for caring for Pirate through this challenging time. I’m sure that your love and compassion mean everything to him. As a Bideawee pup mom I cannot begin to imagine how hard it is to see him suffer, and I pray for his recovery and healing.



Dear Foster Parents, Bideawee Team and Pirate, 

You are all truly angels on Earth. Your kindness and compassion, along with unwavering hope, care, and support are cradling Pirate in this time of need.   

It takes very special people to go the extra mile for animals.  Bideawee  has always set the example of selfless love and care.  When I look into Pirate’s eyes, I see his uncertainty, but also love and gratitude, along with a glimmer of hope.  This tells me he’s a fighter and will continue to be as long as you are all on his side.  

Thanks for sharing your hearts and loving Pirate.

Prayers for all who are caring  for little Pirate.  May St. Francis care for little Pirate and his needs. Comfort and heal this pup.
I am sending a big-hearted thank you to the foster parents and all of the medical and care staff that are working so hard to help Pirate.   It is because of people like you the there are animals that are not only saved, but turned around and been able to show their beautiful personalities.  Thank you so much for all of the hard work, the tenacity, and the never ending love you are giving to help this poor pup.  

With great love and respect-


Thank you for providing a safe and loving foster home for Pirate, even through these rough times! He’s such a lucky dog to have you.
You’re doing an amazing job to help Pirate! He can feel every ounce of your love and devotion and is stronger because of it. I ask the universe to help Pirate pull through this and help his foster parents and the Bideawee team figure out what will heal him. And I send much love and kisses to Pirate!
Will keep you and Pirate in my prayers.
My prayers I will pirate to get better thank you to all the volunteers in and people are by the way to keep everything running smoothly and for your dedication and your love for all the animals I hope I will get well soon oh my Lovins and prayers are with him and all you people you do a great and fantastic job thank you so much for all you do this is Valerie Paulinho/the leaders daughter Paulino
I’m sending over healing, loving energies backed by the power of this amazing full moon energy.  I hope Pirate can pull through and sail his seas smoothly from now on!
I am amazed and grateful to anyone who helps animals in need. You are giving love and kindness to a precious loving soul that is unconditional love. Being loving in a world that needs love can only come from a giving, selfless, thoughtful person. Thank you for caring for pirate. 💖
Good luck, sweetie!
You guys are the best kind of humans ♥️ Thank you for doing everything you can and for loving so fierce. Pirate feels loved. 😭
Sweet young warrior Pirate,

Stay strong darling pup 💙❤💙.

To Pirate’s wonderful foster parents,

Your incredible dedication and loyalty to Pirate is unparalleled. Know that you are in my thoughts, and if there is anything I can do,  I most certainly will.  From one pet parent to another,  I understand what you are going through.  STAY STRONG!!!

With love, 


He looks so happy in the pictures. Thank you for all that you are doing. It’s a great thing!
I am so very sorry to learn about this. Many, many blessings for Pirate and for all the sentient beings you and Bideawee have helped, assisted, and given love to along the way. My thoughts are with you at such a difficult time. So very saddened. I understand the very deep meaning of companionship, the unconditional love one can share and have with a wondrous being, such as Pirate. All my heart goes out to you! Thank you for all you’re doing and wishing much strength to all, especially Pirate through harrowing times! With warm wishes, Dara
Thanks so very much for your dedication and hard work. I am praying for Pirate. Please never give up on him.
Thank you for your dedicated and determined care of Pirate.  Though Pirate is seriously ill, he is so lucky to have the love and care of his foster parents and medical staff. I think Pirate knows he is well loved.  You will all be in my prayers.
Dear Pirate and Family:

Sending you love, hugs, and kisses from our family.  We know that families are sometimes created in unique ways.  One of our kitties was found under a car on West End Avenue.  He is the most amazing love bug ever born, and ever since he joined us, we realized he was exactly what our family needed.  We can only imagine how difficult these past few months have been for all of you, and want to send you our love, good wishes, and prayers for healing.  Know that we are thinking of you.

Much love and a few purrs from

Ana and Herbert Kreyszig, and cats Mia and Harry

I am so sorry to hear of the struggles Pirate has been having but know you have given him all your love .  Just your touch and presence I am sure makes all the difference to Pirate. I understand this is a very difficult time for you but without you Pirate may not have been  here at this moment. 

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

To the parents of Pirate, I commend you for what you are doing for him.  To all the vets who are giving their all to Pirate I also commend you.  You are all miracle workers who are doing everything in your power to save him.  Pirate looks so happy with his pet parent in the pictures.  I will pray for you all that God will help you find the right treatment for Pirate and that it works.  If the time comes that you have to say good-bye, know in your hearts that you have done everything you could for him and you have shown him what real love and care is.  Good luck to you all and God bless.
Dear Pirate,

I am hoping with all my heart that you somehow get the same miracle that our pup got at Bideawee. He was with us for four short years (he was a senior gentleman who also had some ongoing health issues) and changed our lives for the better in infinite ways. I know you are doing the same for all those who are lucky enough to be with you and I hope that you get to continue to do so for many, many more years. We’ll be sending so much love and strength.

The Gray’s

Reading what Pirate is going through broke my heart.  But as I kept reading about all you have been doing for him it made me so happy that Pirate has you.  No matter what he is going through he knows he is loved and so happy to have all of you in his life.  Your unselfish love is something we should al learn to give.  All of you and Pirate will be in my prayers.  Remember mircles do happen, although they might be something you do not expect.  Stay strong and remember the beautiful gifts you are giving to Pirate making a big difference in his life.
I will pray for the miracle that Pirate deserves. Thank you to Pirates foster family and all of the amazing people at Bideawee that work with all.of there heart and souls everyday for Pirate and all of the fortunate and unfortunate dogs and cats that come through their doors every day.
Bless you all and your little Fur Baby!
wishing you and pirate all the best
Hang in there and pray for a miracle.  I’ve  been down that route.  But find out if you can see him while he’s  being treated.  Sometimes just seeing those who love him and whom he loves will make him fight to be back with you.

Best wishes for his speedy recovery.  My thoughts are with you.

To Pirate and Pirate’s Parents —

My heart just breaks hearing your story.

I will pray to God for a miracle for you.

Your parents are Angels sent by God, so you know you are in the best of hands.

Be brave and strong and know that hundreds of people are on your side wishing you the best, sweet boy.

Sending much love to Pirate <3
It’s very nice of you to take him in. If the allergic reaction occurred after being in your home? Perhaps he should spend time somewhere else to see if he improves. Turkey tail mushrooms are good for the immune system. And glandular thymus extract is known to calm the immune response. Good luck!
If there is anything positive in this situation, it is that you have given Pirate a life of love and dignity. 

I am praying with you for him.

If there is anything positive in this situation, it is that you have given Pirate a life of love and dignity. 

I am praying with you for him.

Thank you for caring for Pirate especially through this difficult time. I hope he makes a turn around and has a happy outcome. Big hugs!
Thank you for all you’ve done for the animals – you are true heroes
I have been a volunteer at Bidawee since October and have followed Pirates journey.  I was so happy to see he was fostered and hope that your time together brought you some good memories …memories that you can hold on to and bring you strength! 

INow that his journey has taken this downward turn, I  can only send hugs to all of you and prayers and my hope that Pirate recovers.

The live you are giving Pirate may be just the thing that saves him!  Don’t stop loving him! ♥️♥️♥️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
My prayers and appreciation to the Foster Family, Animal Care Team and Medical Team. I truly appreciate all you do for dear Pirate – he is truly loved and will be in my prayers. To be able to do what you you do on a daily basis is amazing and we can all learn from your dedication, compassion and commitment to all the animals you help each and every day. Thank you thank you thank you 🥰🥰🥰
Dear Pirate and human caretakers,

It seems that you’ve all been very brave and steadfast in trying to fight the disease that has inflicted sweet Pirate. I hope you all can keep fighting it until you win. No sweet animal should have to undergo this fight. Thank goodness you have each other.

All best wishes and love to all of you.

Yours truly,

Heidi Rubinstein

Knowing the you are all doing whatever you can for Pirate is just so inspiring! You are there for him with loving care and devotion. You are what is best in this world.  

In loving thoughts and prayers to St. Francis

Take care

God Bless you Pirate and God Bless your foster parents and the entire Bideawee folks who regularly step you to provide the best care, support and love.  🙏🏼♥️ You will remain in our prayers and we send all our strength for this miracle you need to survive 😇God Bless you and keep you comfortable and happy xo
Bidawee team,

I am so pleased to be part of your family, albeit a donating one. Thank-you for everything you are all doing to help so many disadvantaged animals. Your work, whilst so hard and I expect emotionally draining, is so important and I marvel at your resilience to keep going. Thank-you on behalf of all of the beautiful cats and dogs you are saving and homing. Keep up the fantastic work. 



Dear sweet Pirate. Praying a cure can be found to bring you around and give you the full life you so deserve. A special thank you to all those giving their time and love to you during your time of struggle. Hugs and prayers for you sweet pup.
Thank you for your tireless efforts to try to help save and provide the absolute best care for Pirate. When I adopted my first dog from Bideawee in 1996, I was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the love and care that my Trevor had during his time there. I have no doubt that Pirate is receiving the same and more. Your selflessness to help all of the beautiful babies that pass through Bideawee’s doors is admirable and appreciated beyond what words can say. To Pirate’s foster family, thank you for your dedication and selflessness for providing a loving and safe home.
I felt defeated, diminished, & betrayed by the universe when my dog passed away from an aggressive cancer to which I gave my absolute all to fight. It takes a very special type of person to give an animal everything you’ve got knowing that in the end, it still might not be enough. The love and care you’ve given to Pirate will never dissipate. They really do know what you’ve done & are doing for them. They feel it. No matter what, you should feel so lucky to have been gifted the opportunity to show Pirate the love and care he so deserved in this lifetime. You are a very special type of person.
Pirate looks beautiful!   I’m interested in exactly what his condition is – hard to believe this precious baby does not have hope for the future.  His fosters look sweet & amiable – thank you for taking Pirate into your home.  Best of luck with pirate – I’m hoping you’ll keep us up to date on Pirate and his health.
I want to thank the caregivers and foster parents of Pirate for their care, generosity, love and efforts to save him. I truly hope for the miracle that will help this poor pup. What would this world be like without people like you!
Hi, I wanted to let you know that you and Pirate are in my prayers.  I pray that Pirate gets well and that you continue to stay strong to take care of him.
Just sending love and care and you have my admiration for your courage and continuous caring for Pirate. We love our Bideawee angels. In fact one goes in for surgery next week for a cancerous growth. We can only do all we can, and hope for the best. Our love for them goes a long way, of that I am certain. Wishing you guys all the best.
I hope he’s recovering comfortably and have a great and non stressful life
Sending lots of good wishes for a speedy recovery for Pirate!
good luck pirate, hope you get better
Thank you for loving and caring for Pirate, you’ve made a difference in his precious life and in gratitude he will be with you always.  I have witnessed my beloveds return to me in the most magical ways. Watch for him. Nothing is lost forever. Peace to you and Pirate.
I am praying for Pirate   .May God bless you
Sending love and prayers.  St.Francis is patron saint of our pets.
Thank you for loving and caring for Pirate, you’ve made a difference in his precious life and in gratitude he will be with you always.  I have witnessed my beloveds return to me in the most magical ways. Watch for him.

Nothing is lost forever. Peace to you and Pirate.

My prayers are with all of you who are tending to Pirate.   God bless you for all you do for Pirate and all of the animals in your care.  You do an amazing job.  You are all angels.  I will pray for Pirate,’s recovery.  Never give up.  Miracles do happen.  God bless you!
I t is so very wonderful to hear and know that someone has taken the time and the effort and the mental anguish to help an animal. I know what that means–and somewhat how hard it can be. 

Thank you–I know the little one knows how much he is loved. Kindness and real love can make a huge difference.

Thank you for all you do 

And for all the love you show these babies.  We are rooting for Pirate and he is in our prayers. Stay strong and keep doing what you do.

With your compassion, dedication, hard work, and loving care you change the lives of individual dogs in great need, and you also change the world.  Thank you for all that you do.
I know what it is to love a pet. They respond to our love and care with so much devotion. I know Pirate feels your love and I know you are giving him the best care also. i hope and pray that he may be with you as long as it is possible.
To all Pirate’s caregivers, 

Thank you all for your dedication and devotion.  May God bless you for all your hard work.  Sending hugs, love and prayers. 


Donna, Bella, Joey, Anthony and Mushy

Dear Pirate’s foster parents and staff that has helped Pirate along the way,

Thank you so much for your tireless dedication and hard work you have put towards Pirate’s care. You truly all have hearts of gold doing what you do day in and day out. Personally, I wouldn’t be strong enough to do this job, as much as I would like to. Your support and love for animals has not gone unnoticed, and the world needs more people like yourselves. Thank you for everything you do, and thank you for sheltering my amazing kitty a few years ago. She has absolutely changed my life for the better. Love, Kate L.

Dear Pirate, Nathan and Alfredo

We are sending you many many prayers, hugs and much love to keep you strong and give you peace.  We thank you for saving Pirate and creating a safe and loving world for him.  We ask St Francis to send a miracle for Pirate.  You are an amazing family and Pirate is so lucky to be part of it.  Our entire family will keep you all in our hearts and prayers.

Just reaching out to say you’re amazing foster parents!! You’re giving this pup love and happiness, hopefully, he gives you the same!! Don’t give up, he needs to feel your strength to keep fighting. You are his hero’s and ours too! Bideawee doggy mom for life sending love and hugs!
Sending positive thoughts and tail wags to Pirate, his foster family and the team at Bidawee. Your dedication and hard work does not go unnoticed. You blessed our family with our loving pup Georgia, who is now a certified therapy dog.  Forever grateful for all the love and determination you put forward to give the lucky animals who come to Bidawee the best outcome possible. I know it’s hard but focus on all the animals you have helped and will help in the future.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Pirate’s loving foster parents and to the amazing team that is taking care of him. 


Bideawee alumni Mia sends her love 💕
We adopted the love of our life from Bideawee, and he unfortunately ended up facing a tough road with a serious disease. That only made us realize even more every day how much we loved him and how special he was; we’re sure Pirate has a similarly special spark, and is just as loved by those around him. We are sending our love and support to Pirate during this challenging time, and we hoping fervently for the miracle that this sweet boy deserves.
Hello everyone,

I know how hard and worrisome it feels to see any animal with discomfort, but I applaud you all for not giving up on them. My dog had an upset stomach once and pooped all over the house. My worry was trying to figure out what he ate, so you’ll also figure out Pirate’s cure soon.

Dear sweet Pirate, sending you, your foster parents, medical team and caregivers love and prayers. May you heal and be free of pain, dear soul
We are praying🙏 for Pirate to make it through this illness and to enjoy a normal life soon! We praise and admire all of you who are working diligently to save Pirate from this rare and mysterious illness! 👍❤️🙏
Ii am so sorry your baby is going through so much.  Thank you for caring and loving and opening your heart to this sweetie.  I will be praying for a miracle.
God bless the people who never give up. Who never say ‘ nothing more to be done, maybe after a couple of tries. God bless those who believe there’s an answer and that all life deserves a chance to be alive and be loved
Pirates parents,

Just wanted to offer a word of encouragement & support for your furby Pirate. As a fellow pet parent who also went through an extremely difficult time with my beloved Solomon, my heart breaks for the pain & difficultly your experiencing.

My Solomon was adopted from Bideawee in 2018. He was about 1-2 years old & a 35lb black lab beagle. He was beyond exceptional. Extremely loving, devoted & very funny. He unfortunately developed lymphoma after 2 years. He went for chemo, responded very well & we got another 6 mo. He passed at the ridiculous age of only 5. 

Good luck w/ Pirate!

Pirates parents,

Just wanted to offer a word of encouragement & support for your furby Pirate. As a fellow pet parent who also went through an extremely difficult time with my beloved Solomon, my heart breaks for the pain & difficultly your experiencing.

My Solomon was adopted from Bideawee in 2018. He was about 1-2 years old & a 35lb black lab beagle. He was beyond exceptional. Extremely loving, devoted & very funny. He unfortunately developed lymphoma after 2 years. He went for chemo, responded very well & we got another 6 mo. He passed at the ridiculous age of only 5. 

Good luck w/ Pirate!

God Bless you for caring for PIrate. He is only 1 year old and going through so much. Hang in there for him. Miracles do occur. I will keep both of you and Pirate in my prayers
From one Bideawee-r to another sending all best
I am sad to hear about pirate conditions will say a prayer for him
Thank you foster family for being Pirate’s rock! Fostering is truly a selfless act of compassion with a bittersweet ending. I see your kindness, your devotion and your heart. Know all of us, and Pirate, appreciate you
I hope you get well soon, Pirate! Sending love to you and your foster pawrents during this time. 


Dear Pirate,  wishing you a speedy recovery. You are in God’s hands. Sorry to hear you are so I’ll. God bless your foster parents. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thank you for showing so much care, kindness and love to pirate.  I hope pulls through. If doesn’t he will at least have a loving person caring for him. Good luck
Dear Nathan and Alfredo,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of adorable, sweet Pirate, and for trying to help him through this difficult time!  We recently adopted a puppy from Bideawee, and after we had already put in our application for one dog (that we ended up adopting), saw Pirate’s post, and would have loved to adopt him if our first application didn’t work out.  The world is a better place because you are taking care of Pirate and giving him your love.  I am sending you both and Pirate all of our best wishes, and sincerely hope that he makes a full recovery quickly!💕💗

Last year I fostered an elderly dog for less than 2 weeks. The caregivers at Bideawee knew than Madame had only a short time left to live but never skimped on her medical attention.  I was grateful to have given her a home for even a short period of time and was a bit overwhelmed at how quickly I fell in love with Madame. I am so sad to hear that Pirate’s days might be numbered but please know that you are doing a huge mitzvah (Hebrew for good deed) by giving her a loving home. And I know for certain that Pirate is giving you love back in return. A huge thank you to you&everyone at Bideawee.
Thank you so much for loving and caring for little Pirate.  I truly hope that his condition can be resolved and that he will be well again.  You are an inspiration – we appreciate your great kindness more than words can say.
Thank G-d for people like you. Not only do you allow this little puppy to be in a safe home. He gets to enjoy love. I’m praying for a good outcome and the love and support that you all have given him is immeasurable. 

 You have gained so many karma points. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say but it’s the only words I can think of. Thank you thank you thank you…

You lot are a godsend for that poor pup! Even though the road seems long and difficult now, your dedication and hard work for Pirate does not go unnoticed. Thank you for having the courage and love to go and help him in his time of need. I wish you all the best of luck, and keep each and every one of you in my heart!!!
Thank yo so much for your kindness! Bravo!
I want to say how beautiful your pup is! That face is something else!! I got my dog from by Bideawee two years ago, and he was in the basement. He was the one that no one really wanted and had a bunch of different diseases and medical issues. Dogs are our best friends and Bailey because mine. I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through but please hang in there. Sending prayers your way.
To Pirate and his foster parents, 

We never know or understand why bad things happen to good people (and animals).  We only cling to hope and we pray.  Just know that so many of us animal lovers are praying hard for you and Pirate.  What we do know is that PIrate has had a better life thanks to you and he knows he is loved beyond comprehension.  No matter what happens, it was meant for him to be with you guys at this time in his life.  I am so grateful for all you’ve done.  Godspeed to you and I’ll be saying a special prayer for you all and Pirate tonight.  

Much love,

Mary Jo

Prayers and love for Pirate and to his foster parents and Bideawee Staff who love and care for him. Belly Rubs Pirate❤️Love, Diana






I will keep you and Pirate in my prayers.  He looks just like my beloved dog, Daisy Duke, which makes this even more heartbreaking.  Praying for that miracle, but whatever happens, you are heroes to give Pirate a fighting chance and love during however much of his life remains.
Pirate – sending you all the love and puppy kisses in the world. You’re a fighter and know that the entire Bideawee loves you!

Foster parent – a million thanks aren’t enough for the love and compassion that you continue to show Pirate! I wish you all the strength as you continue to help pirate on his journey to recovery

Hello, i am writing this message for the parents and doctors of Pirate who have contributed so much dedication, care, love, and support for this lovely pup. I can only imagine the pain you all must feel when battling to find a cure. Hope definitely gets tested. But i can only wish for all of your efforts to continue and for hope to never be lost. Pirate only becomes stronger when feeling all of the love given to him. Please stay strong and keep fighting with Pirate. 

Much love and a prayer from the heart, 

From Anxhela

Our prayers are for you and pirate!!   Blessing on you for helping a poor dog.   We pray that there will be a turning point and you can all have a happy and long life together. 🙏💔💙

I am really hopping for a positive recovery please stay strong.. and god bless you all!

So sorry to hear about Pirate’s medical issues!  A mystery and I’m so glad That so many people are working to help him.  Sending Pirate, his Foster Dads and the Bide a Wee team working to help all the best for his recovery.
My own dog went blind during the last month of her life fighting cancer. So I know how you as “foster” parents to the dog feel. There are miracles that happen with dogs. I will pray that Pirate has one. He already does…he has the love of his Foster family. He’s surrounded by love.
Where there is life there is hope, never, never, never give up.
Thankful for all that is being done and has been done. I wish I could donate but 14 months ago I lost my husband of 33 years all of a sudden. I’m 70 years old, ALONE and now live on 1 social security check. By the time I pay bills, taxes and insurance on this small house I live in, I’m lucky to have 2 weeks of food for the month. I HAVE NOTHING ELSE. It’s been VERY VERY devastating for me. I’m sorry I can’t help. I hope Pirate thrives and gets all the love in the world.  We had a dog for 13 1/2 years who died 2 years ago. And now I have 10 feral cats that i feed daily.
My Dear Pirate! 

Oh you sweet boy and you are so very special. I do hope you feel better soon. 

Your foster parents love you so very much and so do I and my cat Bonita!

Love you Pirate,

Corinne and Bonita 🥰😻🐾🐾

Team thank you so much for your efforts and dedication to saving Pirate! You are appreciated and Loved for giving so much of yourself to Pirate!! 

Thank you soooooo much!! Good Bless all for what you do.

Dear  Foster parents of pirate. I am so sorry for what he is going through and my prayers are with him and his family. I pray for strength, healing and comfort. I wish all the love you receive produces in a miracle.
Pirate is getting the best care with the Bideawee team and foster parents. Sancho and I are rooting you and hoping the best for Pirate!
Hello, clearly Pirate is a fighter and that is why of all the possible humans that were willing to care for him, Pirate chose you two. You are exclusively his people. What an honor to be hus humans during thus lifetime … praying for Pirate to pull through! Thank you for being his one and only..
in this crazy world its important that we love and aide these defenseless animals.   the more the world goes crazy it seems we find more and more cruelty to our animals.   thankful for people at places like yours, you do have one of the hardest jobs but so rewarding and its so so meaningful,  thank you,  so many of us wish we could help hands on and you actually do it.  bless you and yours  a heartfelt thank you
Sending love and positive thoughts to Pirate, his foster family and all of his Bideawee caregivers.
To all the folks that love Pirate,

I know how hard this must be and want to thank you for taking care of this lovely pup.  He is lucky to have you (and I know you feel that you are lucky to have come to know and care for Pirate).  

Take care!

From a the pet parent of a Bideawee alum

Thank you for caring so much for Pirate and all in your care. Hang in there and know others care about you and pirate. Thank you isn’t enough for all you do.
My husband and I have followed Pirate’s story for several months now. His adorable facial expressions and love of sticks stole our hearts. We actually debated adopting him ourselves but weren’t in a spot to do so. I am so sorry to hear that Pirate is not doing well and will be keeping him in our hearts and prayers. I thank you for helping him and for being there for him. It takes very special people to foster and I am grateful Pirate has you in his life.
Thank you – Pirate’s foster parents for the care and team that are working so hard day and night to help Pirate.

Helping animals is my mission.

You are most kind in what you do. 

I feel for Pirate.

Your generosity is appreciated and respected so much!

Love Audrey and cat Aubrey

Caring a lot means a lot of tears. Pirate is a very lucky dog because he has what so many dogs do not – LOVE. He has so many humans trying to help him and make him better. Thank you for all you are doing for him. It is not easy to care for a very sick animal. I know because I’ve done it. I’m sure there are days everyone wants to give up, but just know you are doing God’s work and I know Pirate appreciates it. We all do. ❤️
Keep doing God’s work with the care you are providing.  I will keep him in my prayers.
In gratitude for all the loving care for this poor baby.  Many prayers for healing from the cosmos. 

More and more of humanity are raising their consciousness and support of animal welfare.  Thank you for your part in this movement.

Bless you for all that you are doing  You must feel in your heart that Pirate feels that love that you are giving him. The kindness that you share with him is an inspiration for everyone.  We are keeping you and Pirate in our prayers
How grateful we can all be for those good times sweet Pirate has had. Thank you
Thank you so much for helping Pirate, he looks like such a sweet dog, I hope he mnakes it.



You are doing Gods work and your kindness is so unique and special.  Thank you for doing everything you can for Pirate.   I hope he makes it to a healthy life.
Dearest caregivers and supporters of Pirate,

I wasn’t aware of his situation, but now that I know, I want to send you love and light for helping this special and wonderful dog! You and he are amazing!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Best wishes to this poor pup and his loving fosters.  Rare mystery diseases are as heartbreaking in animals as they are in people.  I hope Pirate can come through this, and I thank you all for your love and support of him.  My childhood best friend was a pint-sized ink-blot kitty from Bideawee who lived a long and pampered life, and I’ll always appreciate the hard work you do on behalf of animals (and people!).
Hi Bideawee team and foster parent,

About 2 years ago, we visited your organization and adopted our dog Luke (now named “Tua”). What a blessing Tua has been to us! The work you all do makes it possible not only to improve the lives of the dogs you take care of greatly, but also the adopters like us! Rescuing from Bideawee was really on of the best things to happen to my fiancé and I. We are sending our thoughts and prayers to Pirate and hope he will be okay, and thank you all so much for all the hard work you do. You should know you really greatly impact the dog and the adopters lives!

To Pirates Parents;

You’ve been chosen for a particular 

Reason.You’ve both got a heart bigger then this world.if nothing else Pirate is living with the most important thing in the world Love 

Thankyou for this and patience,time, and the physical 

Work you do out of love.

Prayers go out for you all

I have had dogs around for many years, but it has only been in the last few years that I have grown to truly love and appreciate my best friends. We humans don’t really deserve dogs; I truly don’t know what I would do without their furry warmth next to me. Pirate is in a loving home, surrounded by love. What more could he ever ask for?
You guys can do it!  Keep up the good work and all the best to Pirate,
Your story brought tears to my eyes.  And when I saw the photo of Pirate, I am struck by how much he looks like our sweet dog Mia who we just lost a few months ago.  My thoughts are with you as foster parents and all that you and the Bideawee team are doing to save Pirate and give him some quality time, love and care.  You are all very special, and doing wonderful things for a special dog.


Lorna Klein

We are with you as you support Pirate in every way you can.  Try a wonderful alternative energy healing called Jin Shin Jyusu from ancient Japan.  Learn about it at

Ir works vest with chronic conditions.

God Bless Pirate and  your efforts!

Thank you for all you’re doing for pirate!
keep on loving the little guy.. you are such a important part of the equation to life
Thank you for providing amazing care for sweet Pirate! I have fostered so many dogs and I know the strong bond that is formed with each one, especially the ones that need us the most. I am sure this has been an emotionally draining journey so I thank you for your kindness and strength as I am sure Pirate does! Even though we cant really speak to them I know these dogs know who is trying to help them when they are struggling and will always love each of you providing care for them. Keep up the amazing work and know you are appreciated!! xoxoxo
Bless you for what you are doing to support this special soul!  Please and all my life and support to Pirate.
Pirate was lucky to have found a family as loving as yours. Pirate is a special dog who knows that he is loved. Know that we are thinking of you.
Pirate, Nathan and Alfredo love you VERY much; and I’ll bet they’ll give you a furever home if you’ll keep fighting and knock down this disease.   The vets and staff all love you; we’re praying for a miracle, too!
God  bless all of you who go  above and beyond helping the animals that come through your door . May God contineu to give you all the strength and  courage to carry on.
I know how hard you work. I will pray for Pirate. Thank you so very much for all you do.
Wishing lots of luv and good karma healing.
Here’s hoping the prayers of Bideawee’s extended family will result in a medical breakthrough by Pirate’s medical team.
We are sending our love to pirate and his family.  Bideawee is amazing and this is an outpouring of love and prayer towards everyone.
What you’re doing for Pirate is so meaningful. Thank you for sharing and practicing love. We need more people like you❤️
Sorry to hear about Pirate. What a sweet boy!  I am praying for a miracle. Stay strong!

Forster parents and the medical team – Thank you very much for everything you do!

My heart aches thinking about you…..

Pirate was lucky to have found a family as loving as yours. Know that we are thinking of you. Dogs understand kindness and Pirate is a special dog who understands how much he is loved by you.
Keep fighting, Pirate!!  You have the most amazing humans in your corner. Sending you so much love. ❤️❤️
Praying 🙏🏾 for Pirate and everyone within and outside his circle of love.
To the Bidawee medical team:

From one healthcare worker to another my heart goes out to you guys. I know how attached we can get to our patients and how hard we work for them. People say “thank you for your hard work” but most don’t really understand what goes into the job. And when you have a challenging case like this, it really pushes you to your physical and emotional limits. I see you. I hear you. I stand with you. Please take care of yourselves. And truly, thank you for your dedication to Pirate.

Hi Nathan, Alfredo, and the rest of the care team for Pirate,

Thank you so much for doing all that you can for Pirate, and for taking on the emotional weight of loving and caring for him as he deals with his condition. You’ve done a wonderful and heart warming thing by providing him with a loving environment, and hope you know you’ve made his world a better place.

Send my love out to our brave Pirate and his parents. Best wishes,


Prayers for you snd all the little ones you rescue. I  made a small donation but I am sending an enormous amount of love and thanks for you and your organization .
You all are super hero’s for caring for this pour young pup. Words of kindness cannot do enough, whatever time he may have left, will be possible because of you. Our family of 4 Bidawee rescues are sending our thoughts, and hoping for the best for young Pirate.
Hi Nathan & Alfredo, 

My thoughts are with you both for taking sweet Pirate into your home to foster him with lots of love & care. I love the photos & pray he will get better with time,hope & a miracle 🙏 💙. I pray he will make it through. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of him. 🐾♥️

Good Bless You All!
To the foster parents & medical team caring for Pirate. He seems like such a sweet and loving boy and I know he is getting the best love and care he deserves from all of you!! Hang in there, and continue believing in him and yourselves. Love goes a long way and these animals do not forget those who helped them have fun and those who helped them through their rough patches. Pirate is so lucky to have you all and each of you will be in our thoughts and prayers going forward. ❤️
Pirate is in my thoughts & prayers as well as his wonderful foster parents & also the staff caring for him.  I am hoping for a miracle that Pirate will fight this battle & because of all the love he is receiving will pull thru!  What a precious soul & all those caring for him.  Bless you for all you do!
Praying for Pirate, his healing, and answers from the vets!  Keep us posted.  And for Pirate’s parents, hang in there…we lift you up in prayer too!
What a handsome boy you are!  I believe in miracles and in prayer. I know you have been going through a very harrowing time and it takes a lot to keep fighting the good fight but you, your pet parents and the Bideabee staff haven’t given up and I am putting out my request  for the survivoral of this pup to God.  From my heart and mouth to his ears, Please Bless Pirate, his pet family and the Bideabee staff. Thank you for all you have done and can do for them.
This is too sad, but DON’T GIVE UP! Miracles do happen, you never really know. Sending prayers and wet kisses, and remember Bideawee, you did all things possible. Stay strong.
We thank you for your service and commitment to pirate remember God loves you and so do we God bless….
I’m so sad to hear about Pirate!  I remember seeing the lovely stories posted about him on Instagram and it was clear he’s a very special pup with such loving foster parents.  When I didn’t see him, I was hoping he had gone to his furever family.  Thanks for all you do for Bideawee and for Pirate.
My thoughts and prayers are with Pirate, his foster parents and the Bideawee team.  I’m pulling for him and hope he can better soon!
Hi Bideawee team! I fostered with you guys when I lived in NYC, and I’ve seen firsthand the compassion and kindness you bring so many animals every day. You save lives and bring so much happiness to those who depend on you. Thank you for your hard work and commitment. <3
Thank you for your compassion and dedication to Pirate. I am so sorry that he has developed such a devastating condition. As someone who has lost a beloved pet I know that this hurting all of you who love him, fight for him and have been there as his family during his time with Bideawee. He is so fortunate to have you.
This poor little guy. What iswrong with him? Looks like he loves his foster family
We are praying and hoping for a miracle – and then a speedy recovery.  You are so beautiful and special – we love you pirate and you are in our prayers!  ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you for taking Pirate into your home and your hearts. Many prayers and positive thoughts coming all your way
So grateful this world have kind and loving people like yourselves.  I appreciate you.
Dear loving folks,

Being the mama of a rescue from a crowded situation, I want to commend and honor you all for the time, attention and love bestowed upon this sweet being. I can’t imagine how hard it has been, so I won’t. I can only share that from all the way over here, someone sees and appreciates so much what you are doing on behalf of all animal lovers. 

Sending a hug,


thank you for all you are doing. Our first dog came from Bidawee, we love the organization and give monthly to it. But love and care are what dogs need too. Thank you Thank you
Hello! I just received the email about Pirate and I am so sorry to hear the news. I’m currently a college student so I don’t have any money to donate, but Pirate will always be in my thoughts. I am really hoping you find out a way treat him. He deserves a long, healthy life. Thank you for your efforts to help him. I’m sure Pirate is extremely grateful for everything you’re doing for him. Don’t give up! Make sure he gets alot of hugs and treats.
Thinking about all Bideawee staff during this difficult time
Thank you for all you do!