Nicole Podendorf

My love of animals stemmed from growing up with cats and working in a no-kill animal shelter during high school and college. After several years of living in NYC, the first time in my life without an animal companion, I decided the time was right to adopt. My search led me to Bideawee, where I immediately fell in love with and adopted my cat Peanut. Peanut was an 11-month-old tortie who had endured a rough start to life. Peanut was my constant companion, attached to me at the hip like velcro, while also displaying that notorious tortie attitude in all its glory! I was able to share eleven wonderful years with Peanut before she passed in 2021, and I am forever grateful to Bideawee for bringing us together.

Given how instrumental Bideawee had been in bringing such a great joy into my life, a few years after adopting Peanut I took the step of including Bideawee in my estate plans by becoming a member of the Flora Kibbe Society. Bideawee does such wonderful work to rescue and care for the animals that ultimately become part of our families. They give them the best chance to find loving homes, no matter how long that process takes, and provide a wonderful level of care and compassion to all the animals that have the good fortune to come through their doors. By joining the Flora Kibbe Society, I can give back to Bideawee, help support the wonderful work that they do, and ensure that Bideawee can long continue its mission.