Oh, Behave! Training Academy!


Meet the dedicated class of Bideawee’s Oh, Behave! Training Academy! These “matriculated mutts”, as we lovingly call them, all have several things in common: they bond strongly to their people, they have a proven track record of responding to training, and they struggle to overcome common shelter issues like anxiety and dog reactivity, which result from spending too much time in a constantly changing and overstimulating environment. But one thing is certain: with the right tools, a stable, loving environment, and some one-on-one attention, they can all THRIVE.

Each of these dogs has their own unique story. Some were returned due to no fault of their own and some got lost in the shuffle or were passed over because they were deemed “too old or too large.” Others are super-loving around people but reactive around other pets and need to be the only dog in a home, and finally, some are simply shy or scared and don’t always make the best impression until they have a chance to warm up to a new family and environment- but once they do, they will quickly become your very best friend!

We’re not about to turn on backs on eager (not to mention adorable!) students with so much potential, but we understand that some adopters have hesitations about taking in a pet with behavior challenges so we’re making it easier than ever for you to step up and be a hero for these sweet pups!

We’re offering anyone who adopts one of these deserving dogs a free training package to get you and your new buddy off on the right foot and paw! We’ve partnered with GoodPup — an incredible organization with a long-standing history of working with dogs and dog parents to produce happy, health, confident, well-socialized four-legged family members!

We’ve seen enough transformations to know that almost every dog is capable of thriving with the right training, a stable environment and a best friend by their side, and these guys deserve that opportunity.

Meet the mutts…

Learn more about these cuties by visiting www.bideawee.org/adopt or stop by their respective location today and meet them in person!