The compassionate staff at the Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee can assist pet lovers with arrangements for both private and communal cremations at our Westhampton crematorium.

All private cremation services are performed individually and the ashes are returned to the pet parent in a decorative metal container with a signed and dated certificate of cremation. Pet lovers that want to have a private cremation with a viewing are welcomed by appointment at the Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee in Westhampton.

Pet lovers also have the option of cremating their pet in a communal cremation. Communal cremations are cremations that include multiple animals. With a communal cremation, the pet’s ashes are not returned to the owner after cremation.

The choice between burial and cremation is a personal one.  Many families choose to cremate their beloved pet because it allows them to keep their loved one with them at all times or scatter them in a peaceful location of significance — both of which can be a great source of comfort for many families. Whatever you decide, Bideawee’s compassionate Pet Memorial Park staff in both Wantagh and Westhampton are available to help you navigate through this difficult journey.