Adoption Associate, Kerrie A. McKeon

Kerri McKeon


Kerri McKeon

Bideawee’s goal is to create happy endings for as many animals as possible. Your generous gift allows us to do that, and we appreciate that — and you — more than we could ever possibly express.

Thanks to you, our days are filled with hard but compassionate and fulfilling work and punctuated often by special moments and wonderful surprises as we match our rescued pets with their perfect pet parents.
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Kerri McKeonAnd for those improbable love stories and unlikely pairings? Old cat stories are my favorite because I have a soft spot for senior kitties, for their mellowness, wisdom and, yes, even their crankiness!

10-year-old Spencer comes to mind, for example. He came to us with serious digestive issues, and our staff worked tirelessly to find a plan to control this tricky condition. Around the same time,12-year-old Scout was surrendered because of mild heart disease that his owners felt they could no longer care for.

Scout is a complete sweetheart and very easy-going, and Spencer, well, he’s the classic curmudgeon. Nonetheless, the two formed a bit of a grudging friendship over the course of a few months.

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Kerri McKeonOne day an amazing adopter came by to meet this unlikely duo, and we were delightfully flabbergasted when she took them both home! Senior cat adoptions are rare, but I can’t remember another senior pair adoption in my 15 years as a Bideawee matchmaker.

Kerri McKeon

Three years later, Scout and Spencer are happy and thriving.

Adoptions like this are truly magical gifts. And your gifts make them possible. Without you, Scout and Spencer might never have met each other or their loving new mom.

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Thank you again for all you do on behalf of animals in need.

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Kerrie A. McKeon
Adoption Associate