Focus on FCI: Building Winter Shelters for Feral Cats

As the leaves begin to turn, and fall jackets make their way back into daily rotation, cat lovers wonder how they can help the community cats in their neighborhoods stay warm this winter.

The tens of thousands of community cats who live outdoors year-round in NYC and Long Island will seek out refuge from cold weather this winter. Unfortunately, without a safe space to hunker down and warm their paws, outdoor cats sometimes climb into car engines and wheel wells to avoid the elements, potentially exposing them to severe injury. (Reminder to all drivers — bang on your car’s hood before starting your vehicle this winter!)

Learn how you can keep your feline neighbors safe, warm, and dry this winter by joining our Building Shelters for Outdoor Cats Webinar this month. We’ll teach you about the materials, tools, and skills needed to build a variety of warm, waterproof shelters, in addition to sharing general information about pre-fab shelters available for purchase.