Staff Spotlight: Andrea Gallo

Andrea Gallo, Planned Giving and Development Coordinator

Hi! I’m Andrea Gallo, Bideawee’s Planned Giving and Development Coordinator. In April 2022, I joined Bideawee, initially working as an Animal Care Specialist. I loved working hands-on with the animals, but was eager to grow and learn more about the business side of things, so when the opportunity emerged to transition into my current role as Planned Giving & Development Coordinator, I jumped at it. Planned Giving is when people include Bideawee in their will or estate plans so that they can continue to support Bideawee’s mission.  I also oversee the Loving Legacy program where Bideawee arranges care for pets whose owners have passed away, and I am part of the Development team that curates Bideawee’s fundraising events such as the annual Bideawee Ball and the Hamptons Gala.

I’ve always an animal lover who rescued, volunteered, and fostered but it wasn’t until I lived in Tulum, Mexico that I started to seriously rescue dogs and become more involved in animal welfare efforts, even helping to organize sterilization clinics.  A 1-week vacation to Tulum led to 15 years of beach, yoga, mala making, and dog rescue. In my spare time, I also design and create mala bead necklaces for people and dogs, and lead mala making workshops, where a percentage of the proceeds go to animal rescue.

As much as I loved life in Mexico, I am so happy to be back home in New York working for Bideawee.