Help Licorice Heal

It’s hard to believe how cruel people can be, especially when it comes to innocent animals. Animals like Licorice, who was in such dire medical condition when he was rescued that I can’t even share his “before” photos with you. They’re just too hard to look at.

We are only able to come to the rescue of sick, injured, and abandoned animals because of the generous support of animal lovers like you.

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At first glance, it looked like Licorice had gotten hurt going under a chain-link fence. But the cause and extent of his injuries were much worse…

Someone, at some point wrapped wire around Licorice’s entire abdomen. Luckily, the wire only cut through muscle and tissue and missed all of his internal organs. But it stunted his growth, leaving him with a painful wound around an abnormally small waist and a severe infection that needed to be treated immediately.

Now safe in the care of our staff, Licorice can begin his road to recovery – And we’re here for him every step of the way. Just like we’re here for every animal who comes through our doors —whether it takes just days or weeks to get them ready to find their forever homes… or years… or if they stay with us the rest of their lives, we’re here for them.

Your most generous gift today will help us continue our compassionate work.

But caring for our precious rescues is expensive. So far, for example, the cost of Licorice’s surgery and boarding is $4,800 and the cost of his ongoing care will only increase. But because of compassionate animal lovers like you, cost is never a deterrent when we encounter a pet in need.

Please give a gift today so that we can continue to rescue these animals and ensure they get the care, love, and attention they need and deserve.

I want you to know how very much we appreciate you and your kind commitment to animals. Bideawee’s programs couldn’t exist without you. Your support makes all the difference.