A heartbreaking hoarding situation


The property was overrun with dogs of all shapes and sizes; puppies, adolescents and seniors whose sad, resigned eyes told a story of neglect and isolation, helpless animals who peered out from behind a dusty, chain link fence, their bodies weighed down by heavy metal collars.

They were kept outside all day, every day no matter how hot, wet, or cold. It was no life for any living being, but seeing man’s best friend in that state was heartbreaking.

A rescue group in Tennessee had been trying to convince the owner of the property to relinquish the dogs for months and a few weeks ago, he finally agreed.

There were more than 40 dogs in total—too many for local groups to accommodate—so when the urgent call for help came, we immediately said “yes.” How could we not? I know that you, and innocent dogs like these count on us to be there to save them from this kind of horror, just as we’ve been doing for the past 118 years.

Eight of these babies arrived on Saturday, scruffy and scared, but with the promise of a new life ahead of them, a life that your compassionate gift can make possible.

Please donate as generously as possible today to help us provide the care that these little ones will need and support us in our efforts to aid the many others who are still waiting to be rescued.