My fiancé and I had just moved in together and I really wanted a dog to make our new apartment feel more like a home. My fiancé is in the military and when he isn’t home, it can get pretty lonely. I wanted a companion, and we thought a puppy would bring us closer as a couple. It was the morning before my birthday, and we were browsing a few adoption websites. We wound up on Bideawee’s website, and that’s when I saw the cutest black and white puppies I’d ever seen. I told my fiancé to get dressed because the second I saw “Nestle”, now known as Oliver, I knew I had to have him. Apparently, the universe agreed, because when we got there, only Nestle and his brother were still available. It was fate.

Everyone at the Manhattan location was so helpful and efficient; they really made the process fun. The staff really work hard to ensure that adopters are well-informed and comfortable with the whole process. Since Oliver has been home, he’s been discovering the joys of puppy life. He lives a very plush life in a giant dog bed with lots of toys and he’s unbelievably spoiled. He’s the sweetest boy and is the perfect balance of lazy and rambunctious! We adore him and we’re so happy we came to Bideawee for our puppy child. We will definitely be back in the future for baby #2.

To bring home the perfect new addition to your family, please visit www.bideawee.org/adopt