Pet of the Week: Chapuys

My fiance and I had been considering getting a new kitten for years, but always decided against it because we both work full time and never had the time to properly introduce a baby to our current cat. A silver lining of the COVID pandemic is that we are both working from home indefinitely and were finally able to devote some time to making our home (and grown up kitty) kitten friendly. After MONTHS of contacting rescues, we finally reached out to Bideawee and sent through our application for a kitty, which was approved in only a few days.

A day after we were approved, a member of Bideawee’s staff scheduled a time for us to come in to Bideawee’s Manhattan shelter to bring home our new kitty! We weren’t 100% sure of which kitten we wanted (it was kitten season so there were many to choose from), but we knew we wanted to find one that we thought would be compatible with our older cat, Moxie (ie one that was a little more mellow). I ended up choosing Venus (now Chapuys!) after she needle clawed her way up my denim jacket and I realized I couldn’t leave without her. Now, several months later, we could not be more in love with her. She’s such a sweetheart and it’s so much fun watching her be a kitten and play with everything – literally everything- she can get her paws on. Her favorite thing to do is carry her toys on and off her tall cat tree, and she loves playing tag with her big sister (who is now her best buddy). We are so grateful to Bideawee for our new fur baby and cannot recommend them enough- it’s clear that they care so much about their animals and it shows in how happy, playful and well-adjusted Chapuys is.

Bring home your best friend today.