Pet Spotlight: Kenny

Being a dog person without a dog and living in Upper Manhattan (where everyone seemed to have a furry family member) I had started to feel like the universe was giving me a sign I could no longer ignore. So, after deciding that I needed one of my own, making the decision to adopt from Bideawee, a credible shelter with great reviews, was a no brainer! I continuously checked their website for available pets who needed a loving home and when Kenny’s smiling face popped up on the site first thing one morning, I applied right away (at the time, adopting was pretty competitive because of the pandemic). After just an hour or so of eagerly waiting, I received a phone call from Bideawee for a brief, but thorough, background interview to ensure that I was a good fit. Before I knew it, I was running to Petco to purchase a harness and was in a cab on my way to meet, and potentially adopt, Kenny!

Upon arrival at Bideawee’s Manhattan location, Kenny came running out with a cone around his head, freshly neutered, not even the slightest bit phased that he was being handed over to a stranger to see if we were compatible. I appreciated that the Bideawee staff made the process quick and efficient, ensuring that both Kenny and I felt comfortable with each other before going home and explaining all that they had learned about him while he was in their care. Now, after almost two years of having Kenny home, I can honestly say that adopting him was the best decision of my life! Kenny is the happiest pup around and truly a neighborhood celebrity—he greets anyone who makes eye contact with him, sits patiently in front of apartment buildings waiting for a doorman to give him a treat for being “such a good boy”, and never misses an opportunity to chase squirrels or birds at the park. Kenny and I are so thankful to Bideawee for helping us find each other!

Bring home your best friend.