Pet Spotlight: Olly & Sweet Pea

In April 2020, kidney disease finally took my 19-year-old best friend, Scratchy. This loss was particularly devastating because Scratchy was such a special cat. Several months elapsed – more than I’d ever been without a cat in the past – before I was emotionally comfortable enough to consider bringing a new cat into my home. Healing does come with time, though, and I thought I might be ready for a new pet by late summer.

Thanks to a suggestion by the animal-loving celebrity, Loretta Switt, I began following Bideawee’s Instagram account for inspiration. One day in September, some videos appeared of a pair of young siblings in the Westhampton, Long Island, shelter who caught my eye. Ricky and Lucy were beautiful tabbies but what hooked me was that it was apparent just how affectionate they were with the person doing the filming. It was a long drive from New York City out to the east end of Long Island, where the shelter was located, but I decided the journey was necessary. It was worth the trip. The cats were as sweet and cute as they appeared on the video, so it was an easy decision to take these country kitties back to the big city. Despite the limitations put in place due to the pandemic (masks worn at all times, etc.) it was an easy process to fill out the paperwork, collect the cats and their gear (food, blankets), and be on our way.

Nine months later, they are comfortably settled in, and their personalities seem fully-developed. Olly (formerly Ricky) is now a big, friendly boy who likes to be center of attention and loves his cat dancer toy. He loves it so much, he will play with it by himself. Sweet Pea (formerly Lucy) lives up to her name. She is a little girl, very gentle, and a bit reserved until her toy springs are brought out. She then gets very excited and chases them all over the apartment. They both talk and they both like their bellies rubbed, which is a huge bonus. I’m most grateful to Bideawee for posting that video of Olly and Sweet Pea. They are such a great organization, and contributed a lot in easing Scratchy’s loss.

Olly and Sweet Pea have brought me so much joy, and I look forward to the three of us enjoying long and healthy lives together.

Bring home your best friend.