Pet Spotlight: Rain, now Mabel

We had been casually talking about getting a puppy for a few months, and my husband, Matt, would occasionally send me photos of puppy profiles. When he sent Rain’s profile, with her little cow print belly and floppy ears, we both immediately swooned. The next day, Matt forwarded me an email – he had been thinking about her and couldn’t help but reach out to the staff at Bideawee right away. We went and met her that night. The first time we saw her, she calmly walked over to us, and we knew her sweet, gentle demeanor would be a perfect fit for us. We knew instantly that she was meant to be ours.

The adoption process was so easy and quick. We were able to read about requirements in advance on the website and the staff treated both Matt and me – and Rain – with care through the entire process. We got to Bideawee in the evening on a Friday and not only was staff accommodating, they were so excited for Rain to have visitors. They all came to say goodbye to her when we were leaving (she had been at Bideawee for a month) and gave us so many toys. A little alligator was her favorite and she carries it around with her everywhere, even now.

Rain, now Mabel, is the most affectionate pup I’ve ever met. She’s sweet and gentle and has such a calm, kind presence. She curls up next to everyone who visits us and makes everyone around her feel so loved. We get stopped on the street daily from people telling us how adorable she is. She loves to cuddle, loves squeaky toys, loves to learn new tricks, and is so social – she makes friends everywhere we go! Mabel is so smart. She learns tricks so quickly and is so proud to show them off. She is constantly making us laugh – she already knows how to high five! It is so evident that the Bideawee staff showered her with love and we couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who took such great care of her. We already can’t imagine life without her!

Bring home your best friend.