Staff Spotlight: Abby Michaels

Manhattan Adoption Associate

I started working at Bideawee right before the pandemic, and there hasn’t been one day when I haven’t felt grateful and lucky to be able to do what I do. I’ve always loved working with animals, but being able to help my favorite babies find their forever homes has proved to me that this is what I’m meant to do with my life. One of the biggest reasons I love being part of Bideawee is because the animals always come first.

We build such amazing bonds with these sweet furry angels, and nothing compares to the feeling of watching a happy family walk out of Bideawee with the pet they’ve always dreamt of.

Although I don’t have any doggies or kitties at home, I do have a pet rat, my sweet three-year-old Serenity, who I love with all my heart. Feeding and cleaning time in my house usually means music and singing, and it is no different at work. My work babies are used to me (their curly, redheaded mom for the day) singing (mostly off-key) to Daft Punk as I feed them their tasty meals and it’s a routine I’ve come to love.

I’ve fallen in love with almost every single furry baby I have had the pleasure to care for, and if the animals weren’t enough, I also have the best coworkers, who have become some of my closest friends and favorite people.