Staff Spotlight: Anna Konik

I joined Bideawee over 13 years ago and have served in various roles as a member of the Development Department.  Currently, as Senior Manager of Events and Customer Relations, I oversee events such as our annual Bideawee Ball, mobile adoption events and other fundraising events. In addition, I manage our customer service team, who are responsible for processing a large portion of our donations and the acknowledgment letters our amazingly generous donors receive.

My 2 chihuahuas (aka my “assistants”), Deuce and Honey, have been by my side at the office each day for the past 13 years. They are known as the unofficial Bideawee security team in Wantagh. My chi chis also have siblings at home who don’t make it into the office – Luna, Luigi and Sylvester – 3 rescue cats, 2 of which are Bideawee foster failures. I have been obsessed with animals from a very early age. As far back as I can remember, my family and I have been helping in any way we can, fostering dogs, cats and kittens in need. My forte is caring for very young kittens, especially those in need of bottle feeding.  In recent years, I have become very passionate and driven to assist with the feral cat population and have spearheaded numerous TNR projects in my community.