Staff Spotlight: Mark Esquilin

My name is Mark and I’m one of the Veterinary Assistants at BIdeawee’s Manhattan location. As a Veterinary Assistant, I have the privilege of being on the front lines of the rescue and rehabilitation work that Bideawee does. Every day, I see and assist with animals that were rescued from unfortunate circumstances, and are given the care they need to heal and become healthy, happy cherished family members. Being a part of that process is the best part of my job and it’s an honor to play such an important role in these animals’ transformations. Outside of work, you’ll find me at the gym, checking out comic shops, or at the movies. Another passion of mine is martial arts, which I have been practicing since I was 15. If you see me around the building, please feel free to say hi and strike up a conversation (especially if it’s about Star Wars, haha, but I’m open to non-Star Wars conversation as well).