I first began thinking seriously about adopting a kitten about three weeks before things got really crazy during the COVID outbreak. I bought a cat carrier and was all ready to go, thinking it would be a fairly quick process. But as things got more and more serious, I realized that in order to protect their staff, most New York City shelters had changed the way they handled adoptions. I was having a tremendously difficult time getting an appointment to meet a kitten at any shelter. After several weeks of struggling, I heard back from someone at Bideawee’s Manhattan location and they scheduled a time for me to come into the shelter.  They were so helpful, and made sure I understood all the safety precautions I would need to follow in order to visit in person.

It was love at first sight when I met Sydney. She was so tiny and sweet. She was purring and cuddling against my legs within minutes of meeting me and I knew that she had to be mine. Although she wound up being a bit shy when I first brought her home, she soon came out of her shell, and she’s been the absolute best. I am Registered Nurse at a Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, so this has been a time filled with so much fear, anxiety and unknown. Having Sydney around has brought me so much joy and comfort. She is constantly doing things to make me laugh (she is currently very intently chasing her tail!). She has alleviated so much of my stress by giving me something to smile about everyday! I feel so lucky to come home to her every day, and I am so grateful to Bideawee for letting me become a cat mom to the best kitty in the world!

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