WillardWe, like most prospective pet parents, were “just going to look” when we went to Bideawee. I saw a sweet gray kitten online during my lunch break, and on an impulse decided we would go after work to meet her. We stood outside for a while because we knew we would fall in love and wanted to prepare ourselves to just look. When we went into the kitten room the gray kitten didn’t pay us much mind; she was adorable and sweet but seemed shy. Immediately, this rambunctious tuxedoed boy bounded over and jumped right on my backpack to head butt his soon-to-be-Dad. As we tried to win the affections of the other kittens Willard never left our side. He was noisy and playful– purring and jumping on us. We heard about his quirks, and his escape artist tendencies; how he was silly and outgoing, and we were all in. It didn’t take long for us to realize this kitten had chosen us and we needed to bring him home immediately! His Dad ran to get a carrier and I signed all the paperwork right then!

Willard’s personality has not changed a bit since the day we brought him to our Brooklyn apartment and his behavior always seems to shock people in the best way. He goes on adventures everywhere on his leash or in his backpack and especially loves the beach to watch the seagulls, bounce around on the rocks, and watch the waves. He’s very clever and social, often demanding the attention of strangers with loud meows when he’s on walks, earning him his nickname “the Emperor.” Willard wants to go wherever we are and do everything we are doing, which made him perfectly suited for what we wanted from a furry friend, but also came in handy when we found a litter of stray kittens this winter. He helped us care for them and even picked himself a new little sister from the bunch! He keeps us endlessly entertained with his silly antics, which we document on his Instagram: @emperorwillardthecat. Thank you Bideawee for bringing us our handsome boy!

Bring home your best friend.