Aurora and Her Pups Need Your Help


If you’re anything like us, you adore your pets. And, if your pets are like ours, you know there is no better feeling than seeing the absolute joy on their faces when you get home from an evening out at dinner, open the doggie (or kitty) bag and share your yummy leftovers.

Sadly, there are millions of unwanted animals who have never known the delight of a doggie bag full of goodies. These animals are homeless... or abandoned... or abused. That is why the work we do here at Bideawee is so important. With the help of our donors, we are able to care for forgotten and neglected dogs and cats. And, we send you this plea for help today because we truly need you to join the supporters who help us save the lives of thousands of innocent pets each year.

Your generous gift of $15, $25 or even $50 to continue our lifesaving, love-giving mission makes all the difference in the world to a dog like the one we want to tell you about today.

Your donation will help us care for Aurora and her litter of puppies. We found Aurora, a Siberian Husky, chained up in a garage. When we rescued her, she was starving, dehydrated, cold… and had just given birth to a litter of five puppies. Worse still, her body had been so damaged due to abuse that she could barely nurse her own newborn babies. When we arrived, these tiny darlings were about to die of starvation, even as they struggled to nuzzle up to their mother. I can’t tell you how much our hearts broke when we heard about Aurora and her newborns.

Of course, without hesitation, we brought Aurora and her puppies to Bideawee so that they could begin to heal in a safe, warm and caring environment. Aurora, however, has a long recovery before she can adequately care for her little loved ones. In the meantime, we will take care of her and her puppies with love and compassion. Eventually, when all are well, we will search for permanent homes where love is plentiful. I have no doubt that love will include the occasional doggie bag of yummy leftovers!

We have seen some cruel, inhumane horrors in my time but the treatment that poor Aurora had to endure chained up alone, starving and scared in that freezing garage infuriates me. But we know that thanks to you and the generosity of animal lovers like you, we can stop these types of horrors for homeless or abused pets, just as we are doing right now for Aurora and her litter.

Please, look into your heart — look into Aurora's beautiful eyes — and help us help Aurora and other needlessly suffering pets with a generous, tax-deductible special gift today of $15 or more.

Thank you in advance for your caring and compassion. And Aurora and her pups thank you too.