Dog Adoption Application


Due to the overwhelming number of applications received we are requesting that you do not call, email, or visit our adoption centers in person. One of our matchmakers will be in touch with you to discuss next steps. We thank you in advance for your consideration and your interest in adopting from Bideawee.

You may fill out the form and it will be electronically submitted to the appropriate location.

You may also download and print the PDF version and send it to our locations.

  • Photo ID with current address AND a copy of their utility bill with their current address
  • Proof in Writing that Pets Are Welcome in the Building. This can be in the form of a lease, a letter from the landlord, or an email from the landlord
  • Adopters must bring a leash, collar and harness

**Please select your preferred LOCATION for your best pet matches to display.

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Your Best Dog Match
If you don't see the pet that you're looking for the pet may not yet be available for adoption. Once pets pass Bideawee's health and behavior screening and become available for adoption they are listed on our website. Please check back often as we regularly receive new dogs and cats of all ages.
What qualities are you looking for in a dog?
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Caretaking and Safety
Who will be the primary caretaker of your new dog?
How often does your family plan to feed your new dog?
How often does your family plan to groom your new dog?
What steps will your family take to keep your dog safe?
Social Life
How many hours will your dog be home alone? Where will he be left?
How much quality time can you offer your dog and what type?
Will your new dog socialize with other animals?
Training and Exercise
Are you familiar with crate training?
Do you plan to crate train your new dog?
What type of exercise and social time with other dogs can you offer to your new dog?
How would you teach your dog about right and wrong?
Are you aware that the average life expectancy for dogs is 12-18 years?
Dogs need preparation training for life changes such as having a baby, moving, divorce, etc? Are you committed to working through these changes?
Are there any bad habits that you will not tolerate in a dog?
Review and Confirm
I, by clicking the SUBMIT button, agree to the following statements:
  • The information you provide will be verified before you are approved for adoption.
  • Falsification or omission of any of the above information will result in automatic refusal of adoption or confiscation of the adopted animal.
  • Bideawee has the right to refuse the adoption of any pet to any person.
  • The adoption fee is non-refundable.
  • I have read and agree to all of the adoption requirements outlined in the adoption requirements section of this website.
Please review your entries, then click "Submit".