• Adoption Application

    Complete an Adoption Application - Dog/Puppy or Cat/Kitten

    **PLEASE NOTE – You need to be at least 18 years old to adopt a Bideawee pet. The first step in adoption is coming to Bideawee to talk to one of our matchmakers and discover the best possible pet for you.  Filling out an application will save time during the adoption process, but it does NOT place the pet on HOLD.  You MUST come in to meet the pet.

  • Identification

    We will need ONE VALID FORM OF PHOTO ID with your current address or ONE VALID FORM OF PHOTO ID + UTILITY BILL IN YOUR NAME to verify your current address.

    Proof of HOME OWNERSHIP, LEASE and/or LANDLORD’S PHONE NUMBER to make sure that pets are welcomed where you live.

  • Adoption Fee

    Bideawee exists due to the generosity of people who love pets. The care Bideawee provides for animals throughout their stay at the Adoption Center at Bideawee is very costly. To help offset these expenses, there is a processing fee for each adoption. In NYC, there is an additional license registration fee required for those who adopt a dog.

    Bideawee spends an average of $1500 caring for each animal during their stay with us.


    • Puppies under 6 months - $350
    • Small breed adult dogs less than 20 pounds - $200
    • All other adult dogs - $150


    • Kittens less than 6 months - $150 (Second kitten less than 6 months – half off at $75)
    • Adult cats - $125
    • Senior cats greater than 7 years - $50.


    For pet lovers 65 years of age or older who wish to adopt a cat the adoption fee is waived when adopting a cat 5 years of age or older.

  • Adoption Consultation

    Once the Bideawee Matchmaker has gathered all the necessary information, he/she will take you through all the steps in the adoption process. Bideawee Matchmakers use the information that you provide about your habits and lifestyle and match them with the behavior, activity level and personality of the pets in the Adoption Centers at Bideawee.  Due to the familiarity that all Bideawee Matchmakers have with the available pets we can work with potential adopters to make a perfect match that will last a lifetime.   

    In addition, if you currently have a dog(s), please bring your 
    dog(s) into the adoption center, where s/he can get acquainted with a Bideawee dog in a private room.

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