Bideawee Pets of New York – Elwood

“I had been looking for a cat for a few months on and off. I really didn’t want to force anything, and I felt like the right cat would find me at some point. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted a cat that loved people. When I visited Bideawee, I spoke with an adoption associate who began listing off some options and she mentioned that a cat named Raphael was super nice, but that he had special needs. It turns out that Raphael had a rare skin condition that made his fur look scraggly and that he had a very special beauty regime to keep him looking and feeling his best. My family has had several special needs cats (my parents currently have a cat with three legs and another one with one eye) so I wasn’t deterred by that. When I saw him, he was just so precious. His condition makes him look a bit like an animated Disney street cat! And he was so sweet. He was purring and immediately went right up to me. He seemed to know that despite his scraggly appearance, he had just as much to offer as any other kitty, and I immediately loved him for that. So, I waited a few days so that I could talk to the volunteers who did most of his special care, and get a sense of exactly what it would entail. Once I saw him again, and saw how easy he was with his treatments, I was convinced that he was the cat I had been looking for. Since he’s been with me, he’s only gotten sweeter. He reminds me of our family Bassett back in Texas—the way he rolls onto his back and wants his belly rubbed. I think he’s going to love being an Upper West Side kitty!”

-Elwood's Adopter, Jenny

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