Bideawee Pets of New York – Penny & Eeyore


“We adopted Penny in the fall of 2015. We always knew that we wanted to adopt a dog as opposed to purchasing one, and when we saw Penny online we thought she would be the perfect addition to our new home. When we arrived at Bideawee, Penny was more timid and shy than I had imagined, but I saw the way she looked towards staff members she had bonded with and we were determined to have her feel that safe with us. It took time, but eventually, we found things that Penny loved like the beach and long walks, and before we knew it, she was by our side every moment. We also learned that Penny loved to be around other dogs, so we decided it was time for us to start looking for another addition to our family.

Every Bideawee staff member was so knowledgeable and helpful when we adopted Penny, so we knew that was the place for us to choose our second dog. We made a few trips to Bideawee over the next couple of months, but we were having a difficult time finding a dog that was an excellent match for Penny's personality. That is, until we met Eeyore last year. The two bonded instantly, spending the majority of our visit to Bideawee cuddling on the couch, and we knew we had found the perfect dog to complete our family.

Penny and Eeyore do everything together. They each have a bed yet always sleep in the same one, and neither will follow a command if the other doesn't. Both of them are still shy around strangers, but they become a little braver each day. I am so grateful Bideawee was able to bring these two amazing dogs into our lives; they have been the perfect addition to our family and home.”

-Penny & Eeyore's Adopter, Julia