Bideawee Pets of New York - Sassy

When we met Sassy in April, she had come all the way from Moab, Utah where she had been rescued at only 5-weeks-old. She was paralyzed from the waist down and got around by scooting and dragging her hind legs behind her, or by using a set of doggie wheels. We knew it would take a special adopter to see past her challenges, and worried that it might take some time for her to find the right home. Then, on July 5th, that day came, far sooner than we’d expected.

Words from Ashley Pecorelli, Sassy’s Adopter

“When I first saw a picture of Sassy, I immediately fell in love with her smile; then, meeting her in person, it was instantly clear to me that this happy little girl doesn't let anything stop her. She has had a hard life and could easily be very shy or timid or need encouragement to be active (and we would all understand why), but instead, she is one of the most friendly and happy-go-lucky dogs I have ever encountered. Sassy was immediately so loving, I knew that I couldn’t stop until I could take her home. A few people on the street have stopped me to tell me how great it is that I adopted her or even thanked me for doing it, in reference to her special needs, but I sincerely don't feel like I deserve thanks or praise--Sassy is just like any other dog, and it's me that is thankful to have found her. I am so happy every day that I am lucky enough to get to call her my new best friend. “