Save a Curtain - Adopt a Cat this Kitten Season!

I interrupt our regularly scheduled "Kitten Season" to bring you a very important message:  Today, like every other day of the year, is still "Cat Season".  

Yes, that's right.  Even during this very difficult time of year for animal shelters, rescuers, and others who work tirelessly to save the lives of countless kittens and find room for "just a few more", there are so many worthy, amazing adult cats awaiting adoption.

Don't get me wrong.  We should absolutely be highlighting the problem of cat overpopulation and the issues that arise from kitten season.  It actually deserves our focus and attention all year long, but never to the detriment of older cats who would make ideal companions and are often overlooked during the spring and summer months. These sweet, gentle, cats can easily get lost in the shuffle this time of year, but we mustn’t forget that being in a shelter environment can be much harder on our adult cats as they were often in homes before.    
I admit that I too am focused on trying to help my team handle the influx of kittens right now, securing fosters, donations and every possible resource to save these little lives.  But every time I’m greeted by the chirps and purrs of Cricket, my incredible office kitty who would be more than a perfect companion to someone willing to put up with her needing not one, but two computer keyboards to lie across, I am reminded of all of the many adult cats that are waiting for their forever families at Bideawee today.  Cats like Ms. Tuna, Tinker, Bryan, or Ashanti in Manhattan or Randy, Annette, Pumpkin, and another one of my favorites – Meatloaf in Westhampton.  All of these cats are available for adoption and just need a little love, care, companionship, and a family to call their own.  And the best part of bringing home an adult cat like those I mention above?  You know their personality from the start, you know their likes and dislikes, AND..... they probably won't climb your curtains like a new little kitten will!  

So save a curtain - Adopt a Cat this kitten season!