Colony Care

The Feral Cat Initiative offers a wide range of free support materials, webinars, and services to help you setup and manage a feral cat colony in your community.

Equipment Loans & Rentals

TNR equipment loans and rentals are available throughout the five boroughs.

Food & Shelter for Community Cats

Learn best practices for setting up feeding stations and shelters for your community cats.  

Managing Kittens

Encountering kittens of various ages is often a normal part of the TNR process.

Record Your Managed TNR Colonies

Certified TNR Caretakers: submit your NYC-area managed TNR colony locations to help us secure more services.

Spay/Neuter & Veterinary Care

Explore the many options for low-cost veterinary care and spay/neuter services in our area.

Transport of Cats & Traps

Transport of cats, traps and shelters is available to Certified TNR Caretakers in the NYC area.

Workshops & Webinars

FCI provides a range of free webinars to support your work with community cats.