If you love animals it naturally breaks your heart to hear about them suffering. It’s likely that you find yourself wishing you could adopt them all, but feel limited in your ability to help. If this describes you, we encourage you don’t feel that way you have a lot more power than you think.

If you need a little inspiration or direction, take a page from the book of Bideawee volunteer, Christine Burns. Christine has been volunteering at Bideawee’s Manhattan location for over two years, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon; quite the contrary, Christine is always finding new ways to help the organization’s animals. In addition to her individual volunteering (she’s clocked in almost 100 hours in 2014), she recently got her company involved, and set up a service day with her coworkers, in addition to holding a donation drive at work that resulted in 12 boxes of donations for Bideawee’s animals. As if that wasn’t enough, her company also donated a check for $500 in support of the volunteer hours that Christine has committed to the organization. During her time at Bideawee, she has assisted in a variety of roles such as dog mentor, event team leader, off-site matchmaker and has helped to represent the organization at various media appearances.

This time of year, when many are surrounded by so much abundance, it can be easy to lose sight of those who may not be so fortunate. Thankfully, Bideawee can count on its wonderful community, volunteers like Christine, and so many more, to make the holidays a little brighter for everyone. Learn more about Bideawee’s individual or corporate volunteering opportunities today.