Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Rescue Update


As many of you may know, Bideawee has been working with several groups to transport animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey out of Houston. Last week, we brought 27 kittens and cats from Houston to safety at our Long Island location.

Simultaneously, as soon as we began to hear predictions about Hurricane Irma, we mobilized our teams and began coordinating a transport from Miami. At around 5pm on Friday evening, 14 beautiful dogs arrived at the Gabreski airport in Long Island and were greeted by Bideawee's dedicated staff and volunteers.

We often tell you about the about the large-scale efforts and the individual animals that benefit from your generous support, but it isn't every day that we can capture the behind-the-scenes moments that define us as an organization, and unite us as a community.

The animals that we have rescued from Houston and Miami may be terrified now, but we know that they will be safe, cared for, and go on to become cherished family members, because of you.  Efforts like these simply wouldn’t be possible without your support.  We understand the desire to know where you donor dollars are going, and that’s why it’s important for us to share these emails with you.  Every animal that is shown here being carried to safety and brought to Bideawee is there because you think their lives are worth saving.  And you don’t just think it, you take the actions to make it possible.  Thank you for all you do on behalf of animals in need, and please donate today so that these animals, and others like them will always have a safe place to go.

Your donation will help provide care and shelter for the animals affected by Irma and Harvey.