July Newsletter

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Pet Spotlight: Rain, now Mabel

We had been casually talking about getting a puppy for a few months, and my husband, Matt, would occasionally send me photos of puppy profiles. When he sent Rain’s profile, with her little cow print belly and floppy ears, we both immediately swooned.

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President’s Corner: Dog Season is upon us 

In the past, whenever I’ve written my blog, I would choose a topic based on current issues, time of the year, or need in the animal welfare community. Maybe even a confluence of all of these things. This time, as in times past, I decided to write about something we are currently experiencing in the animal welfare community. Something we experience every year at this time. I thought – oh! That’s easy, Kitten Season. It made sense because it IS kitten season. And we are teeming with kittens! But then I took a beat and thought, wait a minute. Kittens are coming into the shelter in droves. BUT! Kittens are going home at TWICE the rate of dogs. 

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Volunteer Spotlight: Making Milestones & Memories

Bideawee recently celebrated all of our hardworking volunteers at our annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony, with a special nod to those who hit milestones at our three sites – from those who just completed their first anniversary to honoring our longstanding active volunteer of 23 years!

While we came together to enjoy food and fun during our festivities, we reflected on the hundreds of dogs and cats who were transported, treated, and socialized by our never-failing group of volunteers. It’s of the upmost importance for us to acknowledge their amazing contributions– whether behind a desk or cleaning a kennel– that allow Bideawee to extraordinarily serve pets and the people who love them.

If you want to join us and help transform the lives of animals in need, we’re recruiting for transport and mobile adoption drivers, puppy squad, animal care and behavior volunteers in our Wantagh and Westhampton locations.

See details about our needs on our website.

FCI Trains Bideawee Foster Volunteers in Kitten Bottle Feeding

Skilled volunteer foster care is crucial for an orphaned kitten’s future! On May 29, Bideawee’s Feral Cat Initiative team members, Kathleen O’Malley and Elyise Hallenbeck, took FCI’s Bottle-Feeding and Care of Orphaned Kittens webinar content into our Chelsea location classroom for an in-person workshop. Specifically designed to hone the skills of Bideawee foster volunteers who are raising kittens for adoption this summer, the presentation covered details about the stages of kitten development and corresponding care needs, health monitoring, and what equipment and techniques get the best results.

FCI is planning future workshops to instruct even more Bideawee foster volunteers on how to bottle-feed and wean orphaned kittens and gently socialize “spicy” older feral-born kittens on their way to loving forever homes. If you are not yet on our foster roster but are interested in helping us offer even more kittens an opportunity for adoption, learn more and apply on our website.

Kibbe Spotlight: Melissa Morgan Nelson

I have always been an animal lover. Their unconditional love and unwavering loyalty have consistently provided comfort, companionship, and joy throughout my life.  So, in 2011, when both my beloved dogs passed away within months of each other, I knew it was time to open my heart and home to another four-legged friend.

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Pick of the Litter: Gunner

My Pick of the Litter for July is our beloved Gunner! Gunner is one-year-old and he was returned a few months ago because his family no longer had time for him. Sadly, Gunner spent months in his previous home without receiving the attention and affection he deserved before his family returned him, so Gunner is still learning some foundational training. He’s eager to learn and just needs someone who will take the time to teach him. He loves his play group time and does really well with other dogs. He enjoys running around and being the fun-loving goofball that he is! He also loves car rides into town and did really well on a recent walk around town. Gunner is a sweet boy with a lot of potential and just needs someone to help him learn the ropes and be the best boy he can be!

Meet Gunner at our Westhampton location!

Staff Spotlight: Samantha Caro, Adoption Associate, Chelsea

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m an Adoption Associate at Bideawee’s Manhattan location. I’ve been working at Bideawee just over a year now. I’ve always been an animal person and have had an interest in animal behavior since I was a kid. I have always had a lot of respect for animal shelter work, and as I moved into the pet care industry, I realized I could do even better work helping our furry friends find their people.

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Name: Stanley Age: 1 Resides in: East Village Favorite activity: Waking his mom up at dawn's first light to play fetch and knocking over water glasses Favorite food: Churu churu churu churu Celebrity Kindred Spirit: Tom Hanks Least favorite phrase: "Excuse You!" Favorite phrase: "You want some dinner?"