The Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee know that selecting a casket is a very personal decision and an expression of your feelings for your pet. The casket that is chosen is more than a burial instrument it can reflect the personality of a beloved pet and can help memorialize a pet's life. Bideawee offers pet lovers a variety of caskets and containers in multiple sizes that can be purchased directly from the Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee to help during a very difficult time.

When selecting a casket the first decision is typically the casket material – wood or resin. The container material that is selected typically reflects the personality of the pet or in some way signifies the depth of the relationship that you enjoyed with your pet.  Wood is a very traditional material for containers. The use of wood in containers is due to the material's natural beauty, depth of color and warmth. Pet lovers wishing to use a wooden casket must purchase a galvanized container that will fit within the casket. Resin containers are often chosen for the strength, durability and sophistication. Due to their design and materials, resin caskets do not need a galvanized container.

  • Antal Caskets

    These caskets are created with a modern resin material that offers pet lovers a sophisticated and durable option when selecting a burial vessel for their beloved pet.  Individuals that choose to purchase a Antal Casket do not need to purchase a galvanized container due to the strength and longevity of the resin material used in construction.  

    Antal caskets are available in white or oak color tones and can be purchased with a liner & pillow if desired.  Antal caskets are available in the following sizes - 16", 20", 24", 32 and 40" to accommodate most needs.

  • Basic Caskets

    These wooden caskets are made from solid pine and are often chosen for the rich color, warmth and traditional significance. All wooden caskets have a satin lining and a pillow and are offered in 27", 36" and 48" size to accommodate most needs. Pet lovers choosing a wooden casket must purchase a galvanized container to protect the casket.

  • Galvanized Containers

    Galvanized containers are required if pet lovers choose a wooden casket for their beloved pet or do not wish to purchase a casket.  These containers provide a way to enclose the casketed remains of your pet within a grave.  The purpose of the galvanized container is to maintain the grave from the effects of settling and outside forces of water or excess weight. The Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee offer galvanized containers in 5 sizes - 16", 24", 27", 36" and 48"  to accommodate mosts pets.