September 2020 Newsletter

This Month’s Features

Pet of the Week: Kody & Bailey

After losing my best friend (who had four paws), I wasn’t sure I would ever get another dog. For a few weeks, I casually looked at adoptable dogs on Bideawee’s website, but at the time, I wasn’t even sure I was ready for a new family member. I was “just looking” but I kept coming back to photos of Kodak and Kenny on Bideawee’s website, and thought, “What’s better than a dog? Two dogs for sure!!!”

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Happy New Year!

I’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t wish 2020 a very swift good-bye and welcome in a brand-new 2021. Luckily, here at Bideawee, we get to do just that. I may be dating myself, but it reminds me of the old Crazy Eddie “Christmas in July” commercial. Only for Bideawee its “New Year’s Eve in September”. Technically it’s just the end of our fiscal year, but I think in the face of all that we’ve been through, I’ll be very much looking at October 1st as the beginning of a new and better year for all, and I’m happy we get to do it early!

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Focus on FCI: Rescuing Goose!

In late July, Susan Richard, a well-known animal advocate and New York media personality, contacted the Feral Cat Initiative about a stray cat in Midtown Manhattan, who she’d been feeding since late May in front of her building. Unbeknownst to her, the cat had caught the attention of several neighbors who were trying to help the kitty but running into the usual obstacles. Susan named him Goose, and she was determined to get him vetted, but she needed a trap, a trapping coach, and a holding space for him to recover in after surgery. Goose also needed a place to go permanently; he was a newcomer to this block and had survived there only because he could take shelter in a construction site. Susan had never been able to touch him so she didn’t know whether he could be adopted into a home or would need barn placement.

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Volunteer Spotlight- Lindsay Kent, Manhattan

Lindsay is one of our Sunday Superstars who has dedicated countless hours to caring for the animals at the Manhattan location and helping make lifelong matches between adopters and our resident dogs and cats. After helping several dogs find their furever homes, Lindsay also helped lovable Cooper (previously Lova Boy) find his furever home with her! After working with so many great dogs, Lindsay was drawn in by his adorable face and sweet puppy dog eyes. Despite becoming a full-time dog mama to Cooper, Lindsay remained a committed volunteer, and even helps us promote our animals on social media! And, much to our delight, Cooper still visits the shelter periodically to say “hi” to his favorite staff and volunteer friends!

Pick of the Litter: Cinnamon & Cinnabon

Picked by: Ellen Delisle, Foster Manager

Cinnamon and Cinnabon are my pick of the litter because they are a shining example of why foster care can be so important and beneficial to a shelter pet. These bonded girls were extremely scared and shut down when they came to the shelter but they have really blossomed into amazing companions while in their foster home. We learned that they love cat trees, water fountains, kitty hammocks, feather toys and being brushed! They are super food motivated (great for training!) and actually really enjoy being around their humans (not what we saw in shelter). If you are looking for playful furbabies who are affectionate but not needy, these are your girls!

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Alum of the month, Pignoli. Age: 4-months-old. Resides in: Hudson Yards, NYC. Favorite Activity: sunbathing on the windowsill. Favorite Food: salmon greenie treats. Celebrity Spirit Animal: Prince Harry. Least Favorite Phrase: Please get off mom's laptop, she's trying to work". Favorite Phrase: "time for treats!"