Record Your Managed TNR Colonies

The Feral Cat Initiative strongly encourages Certified TNR Caretakers in the New York City area to submit information about the locations of their managed feral cat colonies in order to increase TNR support services and save lives. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Your managed colony data are vital. This information will help us allocate our resources and understand the areas with the greatest need for assistance in order to best accommodate the NYC TNR community. Gathering this information will result in significant and highly persuasive data, and it allows us to facilitate positive outcomes for managed colonies when issues arise with property owners, elected officials, or city agencies. It also enables us to reach out to nearby caretakers who might be able to offer assistance in finding missing colony cats or in other situations where local help is needed.

Help us help you! Please take a few minutes to complete this quick but very important survey. As few as one or two cats in your backyard count just as much as a large colony, so please be as inclusive as possible!

You are not required to keep your colony information current, but you may submit updates if there have been changes in your population. Your colony location(s) will be kept strictly confidential.

Important Note: This collection of information is independent of any colony information you may submit to Neighborhood Cats’ Cat Stats NYC database. You should continue to update your Cat Stats NYC records to ensure your cats can be returned to you if they should get turned in to a shelter. With your help, their database can be a more useful tool, helping prove that TNR works. We strongly encourage you to register with both FCI and Cat Stats NYC.

TNR Certification Status

Please DO NOT submit this form to report issues with cats in your neighborhood. If you are not a Certified TNR Caretaker and need information about resolving problems with feral or stray cats, please start a support ticket through Bideawee’s FCI Help Desk.

Colony Care

Learn about keeping your community cats healthy and how to help them be good neighbors.

Community Outreach

The Feral Cat Initiative provides free resources to help you educate and build support for TNR in your community.