Bideawee Pets of New York - Randy


When I was in the 1st grade, Bideawee took in a litter of stray kittens that my family had found. My family kept one of them, and the staff at Bideawee--understanding of my desire to know that all my kitten’s siblings had found good homes--promised to let me know when the other kittens were adopted. They made good on that promise, and from that point forward, I knew that Bideawee was the only place I’d ever adopt animals from.  

In 2009, when I wanted to adopt a dog, I adopted a sweet 2 1/2-year-old shepherd mix from Bideawee.  Cody is now an amazing 11-year-old dog and this "girl’s best friend"!

I’ve wanted a second pet for a long time but was intent on finding the right fit for me and Cody. I knew I wanted a relaxed and easygoing cat to match my dog’s personality, but I also knew that getting a cat can be a 15-20-year commitment, and I wasn’t entirely sure of where I’d be even ten years out, so I was hesitant to take the plunge. It’s always been of the utmost importance for me to provide stability and love for any animal I bring into my home for as long as they live.

I found myself on Bideawee’s website multiple times a day falling in love with Randy, an almost 18-year-old tuxedo cat at Bideawee’s Westhampton location who was pictured in a photo wearing a tuxedo.  Randy sounded amazingly sweet and the perfect match for my sweet senior, Cody.  I saved photos of Randy on my phone and did a lot of thinking about what it would mean to take in an 18-year-old cat.  

It’s easy to find the negatives: it meant taking in an animal I will have a few, but most likely not many great years with.  It meant the day when I would have to say a painful goodbye will come far sooner than if I adopted a younger cat.  But it also meant giving a forever home to an incredible cat.  It meant taking in a cat that is probably overlooked because of his age.  It meant giving a sweet cat the love they deserved and the opportunity to be a family member.  And of course, it also meant the joy of having a cat for as long as we will be together!

The positives of adopting an 18-year-old cat greatly outweighed the "what ifs" and after calling Bideawee for more information about Randy, I found myself at their Westhampton site the very next day. I had already fallen in love with Randy from his photos and meeting him in person sealed the deal.  I knew I was making the right decision - for me, for my dog, and especially for this Randy.

Randy has taken very well to living in my home.  He is enjoying the luxuries of sleeping on top of pillows, crawling into my lap, having his own chair in my home office, and claiming one of my couches as his own.  For an 18-year-old he is in great health, and if I did not know his age, I would not think of him as "an old cat."  I just think of Randy as my cat, and the perfect addition to my family!