One-year-old Scooby was skin and bones when he was dropped off at the municipal shelter. You could count every rib in his body. He was starving, his ears had been mutilated in a cruel attempt to make him look like something other than the gentle, loving soul that he is, and he nearly died on the streets, scared, suffering, and alone.

To make matters worse, the night he was brought to the city shelter he began having seizures. The first one began at almost midnight. His entire body was shaking as he thrashed on his back, slamming into the kennel wall. At 4:30 am, he seized again, this time twitching, frothing at the mouth, and losing his balance several times. And still, Scooby’s tail never stopped wagging. He approached every human with hope in his sweet, soulful eyes, eager to meet the friend that he so desperately needed.

If we hadn't stepped in, Scooby would have never made it out of the city shelter, but we refused to let those terribly frightening nights be his last.

We know that we can provide him with the care and treatment he needs to lead a happy, healthy life but we need your help. Dogs like Scooby rarely make it out of the shelters alive because with neither purebred looks nor perfect health on their side, their prognoses is grim. But Scooby is a special little dog; a dog that in spite of the cards he has been dealt, has never stopped loving, trusting, and holding out hope for better days. With your support, we will make sure he has them.

Please donate to this sweet boy today.