Bideawee Pet of the Week – Ziggy


Ziggy the Singing Rescue

We had been talking about adopting a dog for years, but it took us a long time to make sure we were 100% ready to take on the responsibility – we had babysat my mom’s dog many times, but it’s never the same as having your own dog child. One Friday afternoon, we thought “why not go check out Bideawee and just meet some of the dogs and see what happens?” Little did we know, we would end up meeting the love of our lives that day. We spotted Ziggy (formerly Luke) within the first few minutes of our visit, and immediately asked if we could play with him. He was timid and shy at first, but so, so sweet. We knew it was a big decision, but we also knew we couldn’t sleep on it because a dog this sweet and adorable would be adopted in an instant. So, we decided to go for it and it has been the best decision we have ever made!

Ziggy immediately took a liking to his new home in Jersey City. As soon as we walked in the door, he started happily sniffing around and wagging his tail – he already felt at home! Neither of us slept that night because we were so excited about our new family member. He cuddled with us all night, and you could tell how thankful he was to finally have a loving home. Within the next few weeks, Ziggy really started to warm up to us and his new routine – and then we got the best surprise – we found out our little Ziggy was a natural born singer! His dad was practicing guitar one day, and Ziggy just started singing along to the tune. Now, his favorite time of day is when dad gets home from work and band practice starts. And, if you’re wondering, his favorite song is David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. You can hear Ziggy singing up a storm by following him on Instagram @ziggythesingingrescue. We are so thankful every day to Bideawee for bringing us our best friend!

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